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CAO 2019-029 Story Limitation When Developing Under PAD Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2019-028 Noise Ordinance and the use of Generators [PDF] CAO 2019-027 1220 S. Alhambra Circle Historic Preservation Designation [PDF] CAO 2019-026 Social Media Pages [PDF] CAO 2019-025 Amended HB-159 Florida Statutes 163.045 [PDF] CAO 2019-024 Diamond Banc [PDF] CAO 2019-023 Resolution 2014-224 - Correction [PDF] CAO 2019-022 Conflict of Interest [PDF] CAO 2019-021 March 2019 Amendment to Sec. 3-203, City's Zoning Code [PDF] CAO 2019-020 Grand Avenue Development [PDF] CAO 2019-019 Microblading Micropigmentation Establishments [PDF] CAO 2019-018 BDI Construction Company and Gulliver Academy’s Request for an Increase to the Maximum Student Enrollment [PDF] CAO 2019-017 Sunshine Meeting and Workshop [PDF] CAO 2019-016 Biltmore Development [PDF] CAO 2019-015 Swimming Pool Setbacks for Coral Bay Section B [PDF] CAO 2019-014 1223 Lisbon Street -Non-Conforming Setback [PDF] CAO 2019-013 Innovation Council Subject to Sunshine Law and Public Records Laws [PDF] CAO 2019-012 Miami-Dade County Living Wage [PDF] CAO 2019-011 Attempted Burglary [PDF] CAO 2019-010 BID Construction Company and Gulliver Schools' Courtyard Beautification Project [PDF] CAO 2019-009 Candidate Campaign Contribution Deadline [PDF] CAO 2019-008 Board of Architects (BOA) Appeal Regarding Cocoplum Entrance Features [PDF] CAO 2019-007 School and Community Relations Committee Member Serving as Communications Consultant [PDF] CAO 2019-006 Operating a Bicycle on a Florida Road [PDF] CAO 2019-005 Scrivener's Error in Ordinance 2019-10 [PDF] CAO 2019-004 Ownership Required for Planned Area Developments and Mixed Use Projects [PDF] CAO 2019-003 701 Valencia Ave. Campaign Signs [PDF] CAO 2019-002 Office Max Site Zoning Opinion [PDF] CAO 2019-001 David William Hotel-700 Biltmore Way-Request for Determination of Permitted Uses for Ground Floor Commercial Units


CAO 2018-036 Entrance Features in the City's Right-of-Way [PDF] CAO 2018-035 Final Opinion Regarding Special Taxing Districts and Security Services As Amended [PDF] CAO 2018-034 Gables Station Status of Underline Construction and Relation to Issuance of TCO [PDF] CAO 2018-033 2.5% COLA [PDF] CAO 2018-032 Unified Parcel in Relation to the Development of Garages 1 and 4 [PDF] CAO 2018-031 Legality of the City of Coral Gables Traffic and Vehicles Ordinances [PDF] CAO 2018-030 Pay and Benefits for Appointed Officials [PDF] CAO 2018-029 Amended Supplemental Funding for Restoration (Macfarlane Homestead Project) [PDF] CAO 2018-028 Ordinance Procurement Exemption [PDF] CAO 2018-027 9300 Old Cutler Road Maria Avenarius [PDF] CAO 2018-026 Operation of Bicycles on Florida Roads, Sidewalks Areas, and Bicycle Paths [PDF] CAO 2018-025 Special Taxing Districts and Security Services [PDF] CAO 2018-024 Operation of Motorized Scooters on Florida Roads, Sidewalks, Sidewalk Areas, and Bicycle Paths [PDF] CAO 2018-023 Board Member Conflict of Interest [PDF] CAO 2018-022 Firefighter - Use of Uniform in Campaign Literature [PDF] CAO 2018-021 Local Business Tax for Shared Mobility Devices [PDF] CAO 2018-020 235 Majorca Avenue [PDF] CAO 2018-019 Vendor Contributions [PDF] CAO 2018-018 Weidenfeld’s Outside Employment Request - Revisited [PDF] CAO 2018-017 LaSalle Dry Cleaners Lot Sale [PDF] CAO 2018-016 Historic Preservation and the LaSalle Dry Cleaners Building [PDF] CAO 2018-015 Property Owned by a Foreign Government [PDF] CAO 2018-014 Sexual Offenders 1105 Wallace Street [PDF] CAO 2018-013 1206 Cordova - Non-Conforming Setback [PDF] CAO 2018-012 BID Construction Company and University of Miami - Coral Gables Campus [PDF] CAO 2018-011 4733 Santa Maria- Non Conforming Setback [PDF] CAO 2018-010 2907 Columbus Blvd - Non-Conforming Setback [PDF] CAO 2018-009 711 University Drive - Non-Conforming Setback [PDF] CAO 2018-008 UM Ponce Building [PDF] CAO 2018-007 790.33 - Firearms Regulation [PDF] CAO 2018-006 Starbucks Construction Project on Miracle Mile [PDF] CAO 2018-005 747/760 Ponce Settlement Public Hearing [PDF] CAO 2018-004 Use of Official Hangtags [PDF] CAO 2018-003 Venera Project Vote [PDF] CAO 2018-002 Weidenfeld Outside Employment Request [PDF] CAO 2018-001 Soliciting [PDF]


CAO 2017-058 Financial Statements Submitted by Bidders [PDF] CAO 2017-057 Renumbering of Code Provisions Following Adoption of Ordinance 2017-41 [PDF] CAO 2017-056 Biltmore Bridge Restoration Project [PDF] CAO 2017-055 City Attorney Opinion Regarding Ch. 2017-149, Laws of Florida [PDF] CAO 2017-054 Piggyback Authority [PDF] CAO 2017-053 Blue Ribbon Panel [PDF] CAO 2017-052 Legal Opinion Regarding “The Plaza Coral Gables” and Encroachments Above the Right-of-Way [PDF] CAO 2017-051 Adopting Section 3-205(C)(1) of the Zoning Code [PDF] CAO 2017-050 Donations from the Miami Association of Realtors [PDF] CAO 2017-049 Procurement Code - Procurement Officer Change [PDF] CAO 2017-048 Doctor's Hospital [PDF] CAO 2017-047 Wall - 6001 Mall [PDF] CAO 2017-046 Beer and Wine License [PDF] CAO 2017-045 Public Records and Information Request Policy [PDF] CAO 2017-044 Expansion of Justice Advocate Program [PDF] CAO 2017-043 West Lab [PDF] CAO 2017-042 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Dispensing Facilities [PDF] CAO 2017-041 Code Enforcement Liens on Other Property Owned by Violator [PDF] CAO 2017-040 Code as related to Historic Designation [PDF] CAO 2017-039 For Information and Documents by City Board Chair and Members in Official Capacity [PDF] CAO 2017-038 TDR Transfer/Laguna House [PDF] CAO 2017-037 Giralda Street Traffic Suspension Resolution [PDF] CAO 2017-036 Guardhouse Lights and Cameras [PDF] CAO 2017-035 Giralda Overlay Zoning In Progress Extension July 5, 2017 to Jan. 5, 2018 [PDF] CAO 2017-034 Florida House of Representatives- CS/CS/HB 1021- Residential Painting Permit [PDF] CAO 2017-033 1136 Alhambra Circle - COA (SP) 2016-014 [PDF] CAO 2017-032 281 Costanera Road [PDF] CAO 2017-031 200 Edgewater Drive [PDF] CAO 2017-030 Collaborative Project between City (through the City Clerk's office) and FIU [PDF] CAO 2017-029 Referral of 717, 740, 747, and 760 Ponce de Leon Boulevard to Nuisance Abatement Board [PDF] CAO 2017-028 Tennis Court at 199 Leucadendra Drive [PDF] CAO 2017-027 Continued Relationship with Akerman LLP as Special Counsel to the City Attorney’s Office [PDF] CAO 2017-026 Electronic Voting [PDF] CAO 2017-025 Residential Speed Limit Signs [PDF] CAO 2017-24 Use of U.S. Census Bureau's Population Estimate for Purposes of MPO Membership [PDF] CAO 2017-23 City Commission's Legal Authority under Section 14 of the City Charter Regarding Personnel Matters [PDF] CAO 2017-022 Appearance by Jack Thompson [PDF] CAO 2017-021 317 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida-Sufficient Verification [PDF] CAO 2017-020 Settlement Authority [PDF] CAO 2017-019 Trial Board [PDF] CAO 2017-18 Release of Covenant - 299 Alhambra Circle [PDF] CAO 2017-17 DriveCam Lytx - Trial Proposal [PDF] CAO 2017-16 Special Police - Parking [PDF] CAO 2017-015 1030 San Pedro and 13007 San Jose Street [PDF] CAO 2017-014 Pokebar [PDF] CAO 2017-013 701 Valencia Avenue [PDF] CAO 2017-012-1 Police Chiefs Role with the University of Miami Football Team [PDF] CAO 2017-012 Dock at 1036 Alfonso [PDF] CAO 2017-11 Bahamian Village [PDF] CAO 2017-010 AECOM Agreement [PDF] CAO 2017-009 Wolfe's Wine Shoppe [PDF] CAO 2017-008 Pool Setback - 936 Castile A venue [PDF] CAO 2017-007 927 Valencia [PDF] CAO 2017-006 North Ponce Infill Regulations [PDF] CAO 2017-005 Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue Streetscape Improvements [PDF] CAO 2017-004 Architects Registering as Lobbyists [PDF] CAO 2017-003 Lobbyist Registration Forms [PDF] CAO 2017-002 Site Plan and Restrictive Covenant-33 Alhambra [PDF] CAO 2017-001 Commercial Photography [PDF]


CAO 2016-095 Board Member and RFQ [PDF] CAO 2016-094 City Historic Projects - Art Fees [PDF] CAO 2016-093 Civility Code [PDF] CAO 2016-092 Building Site Determination Opinion [PDF] CAO 2016-091 Charter Revisions Consistent with City Referendum Results [PDF] CAO 2016-090 Resign-to-Run Law [PDF] CAO 2016-089 Signs at Library Polling Location [PDF] CAO 2016-088 Proposed Pool at 315 Romano and Coral Gables Cottage Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2016-087 Zoning Application Process and Vested Rights [PDF] CAO 2016-086 Home Occupations [PDF] CAO 2016-085 Correction to Definition in Section 34-176 of the City Code [PDF] CAO 2016-084 Trailers in Kings Bay [PDF] CAO 2016-083 Nolle Prosse and Dismissals [PDF] CAO 2016-082 Justice Advocate Program/City Prosecutor [PDF] CAO 2016-081 915 Bayamo Avenue [PDF] CAO 2016-080 Starbucks' Appeal [PDF] CAO 2016-079 Compensation for Board of Architects Special Masters [PDF] CAO 2016-078 Turtle Case [PDF] CAO 2016-077 625 Almeria - Supplemental Authority [PDF] CAO 2016-076 Correction to Zoning Code Regarding Permit Requirements for Temporary Tents [PDF] CAO 2016-075 Bahamian Village Permit Fees [PDF] CAO 2016-074 City Prosecutor Opinion [PDF] CAO 2016-073 Constituent Jenna Kreiger residing at 7101 Old Cutler Road [PDF] CAO 2016-072 Solid Waste Cleanup Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2016-071 Motions for Reconsideration - Procedures [PDF] CAO 2016-070 Merrick House Project - AIPP fees [PDF] CAO 2016-069 Corrections to Zoning Code [PDF] CAO 2016-068 229 Ridgewood Road Appeal of Historic Designation [PDF] CAO 2016-067 Gables Station/Motion to Amend Ordinances and Resolution [PDF] CAO 2016-066 Artwork on Segovia [PDF] CAO 2016-065 Stacking on US-1 at 475 South Dixie Highway [PDF] CAO 2016-064 Hourly Hotel Rooms Prohibited in Coral Gables [PDF] CAO 2016-063 Dock PW-16-02-1956/1050 Lugo Avenue [PDF] CAO 2016-062 Amending Section 2-201(e)(9) of the City Code [PDF] CAO 2016-061 Construction Regulation Board Authority to Issue Subpoenas [PDF] CAO 2016-060 Lobbyist Registration [PDF] CAO 2016-059 Appeals- Publication Notice [PDF] CAO 2016-058 Lobbyist Registration [PDF] CAO 2016-057 Settlement Agreement with Astor Trolley - LLC [PDF] CAO 2016-056 Removal of Concrete Buttons Placed in the Swales by Residents without Permits [PDF] CAO 2016-055 Coral Gables City Code Sec.2-1059 (3)(b)(15) Cone of Silence [PDF] CAO 2016-054 Business Improvement District [PDF] CAO 2016-053 Zika Operational Plan [PDF] CAO 2016-052 Historic Wall [PDF] CAO 2016-051 129 Frow Avenue and 110 Oak Avenue Historic Landmarks Receiving Public Restoration Funds [PDF] CAO 2016-050 Scrivener's Error in Collective Bargaining Agreement [PDF] CAO 2016-049 ADA Coverage of Bed and Breakfast Establishments [PDF] CAO 2016-048 Location of Boatlifts [PDF] CAO 2016-047 Correcting Resolution 2016-148 [PDF] CAO 2016-046 Attorney General Opinion on historically designated apartment buildings in Coral Gables [PDF] CAO 2016-045 Correcting Section 2-237 of the City Code [PDF] CAO 2016-044 Newsletters Issued by Sitting Commissioners [PDF] CAO 2016-043 1401 Pizarro Street-City Code section 2-201 (e)(1), (6), and (8) [PDF] CAO 2016-042 Employee Access to City Attorney's Office [PDF] CAO 2016-041 City Code sections 2-201 (e)(1), (8) historical & legal perspective on Chapters 175, 185,Premium Tax Revenues [PDF] CAO 2016-040 1002 Douglas Road - Confirmation of Permitted Density [PDF] CAO 2016-039 Residential Picketing Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2016-038 Lobbyist Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2016-037 3901 Alhambra Circle/Corrective Covenant and Pending Building Site Determination [PDF] CAO 2016-036 Request for Interpretation/Biltmore Manor [PDF] CAO 2016-035 Proposed Name Change for Bank United Center [PDF] CAO 2016-034 Hammock Lakes [PDF] CAO 2016 - 033 Initiative and Referendum Process [PDF] CAO 2016-032 Zoning Enclosure [PDF] CAO 2016-031 611 N. Greenway Drive - FAR Issue [PDF] CAO 2016-030 Tree Succession Project Management [PDF] CAO 2016-029 Draft Ordinance No. 2016-26 (As Amended) [PDF] CAO 2016-028 Section 39-5 Scrivener's Error [PDF] CAO 2016-027 Dual Office Holding [PDF] CAO 2016-026 Final Decisions of the City Commission must be done by Resolution or Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2016-025 Concrete Button Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2016-024 Site Specific Lots 23-32 (701-711 Valencia Ave) CAO 2013-33 [PDF] CAO 2016-023 6540 Marlin Drive-Park as a Permitted Use [PDF] CAO 2016-022 Agenda Item for Emergency Management Services [PDF] CAO 2016-021 Board of Architects Quasi-Judicial Hearing before a Special Master [PDF] CAO 2016-020 Solar Array [PDF] CAO 2016-019 Declaration of Restrictive Covenants -- 6801 Granada [PDF] CAO 2016-018 Tinta y Cafe-Settlement Proposal [PDF] CAO 2016-017 Ordinance No. 2010-34 replaced the UMCAD provisions, including the UMCAD Map and Text [PDF] CAO 2016-016 UM-Request for Administrative Modifications to Adopted Campus Master Plan [PDF] CAO 2016-015 Retroactive Polystyrene [PDF] CAO 2016-014 Noise-Deleting Chapter 38 of the City Code [PDF] CAO 2016-013 Cone of Silence [PDF] CAO 2016-012 PBA Lease [PDF] CAO 2016-011 Merrick Manor/Approval of Revised Development Plan [PDF] CAO 2016-010 Art Acquisition Fund [PDF] CAO 2016-009 Emergency Change Order for Venetian Pool [PDF] CAO 2016-008 Coral Gables Mediterranean Style Design Standards [PDF] CAO 2016-007 Nissan Charging Station Equipment Agreement [PDF] CAO 2016-006 Paseo de la Riviera Project [PDF] CAO 2016-005 Robert's Rule of Order [PDF] CAO 2016-004 Section 17 1/2 of the City Charter [PDF] CAO 2016-003 Permissible Activities by City Commissioner in Relation to His Sibling [PDF] CAO 2016-002 Sections 201 and 202 of the City Charter [PDF] CAO 2016-001 Art in Public Places [PDF]


CAO 2015-125 Development at 390 Bird Road [PDF] CAO 2015-124 Minutes Requesting Action [PDF] CAO 2015-123 Alice Aycock Sculptures [PDF] CAO 2015-122 Addendum to Dispute Resolution Agreement - Lisbon St. [PDF] CAO 2015-121 Preparation of Resolution Related to Commission Aide Position [PDF] CAO 2015-120 Actors Playhouse/Miracle Theater Repairs [PDF] CAO 2015-119 University of Miami Development Agreement [PDF] CAO 2015 118 Municipal Ordinances [PDF] CAO 2015-117 Hollub Separation of Building Sites [PDF] CAO 2015-116 Coral Gables Cinema Report [PDF] CAO 2015-115 Procedural Question About Commission Meetings and City Board Minutes [PDF] CAO 2015-114 Establishing a Labor Relations Officer [PDF] CAO 2015-113 Garage Sale Permits [PDF] CAO 2015-112 Casuarina Entrance [PDF] CAO 2015-111 Street Numbers [PDF] CAO 2015-110 Decorative Wraps [PDF] CAO 2015-109 Coral Gables Approves New Safety Protocol for Guardhouse Operators - Hammock Oaks [PDF] CAO 2015-108 Board Member Absences [PDF] CAO 2015-107 Postponement of Appeal [PDF] CAO 2015-106 1045 Castile Avenue [PDF] CAO 2015-105 Building Permit Fees [PDF] CAO 2015-104 Rules of Public Participation and Decorum [PDF] CAO 2015-103 Segovia Appeal [PDF] CAO 2015-102 Naming of Parks [PDF] CAO 2015- 101 Manager’s Authority to Exercise Renewal Options [PDF] CAO 2015-100 Art in Public Places [PDF] CAO 2015-099 Forfeiture Enforcement Policy [PDF] CAO 2015-098 Filing of Appeal Form [PDF] CAO 2015-097 Pension Contribution [PDF] CAO 2015-096 Filing of Appeal Form [PDF] CAO 2015-095 Sale of Surplus City Vehicles and Equipment [PDF] CAO 2015-094 Tax Collector and Property Appraiser's Ministerial Duties [PDF] CAO 2015-093 LB15-01 Presentation/Submission of Driver License [PDF] CAO 2015-091-1 Outside Employment Opinion for Interim Police Chief [PDF] CAO 2015-091 20 E. Sunrise Avenue [PDF] CAO 2015-090 Deck Replacement [PDF] CAO 2015-089 Chief of Police [PDF] CAO 2015-088 Mulching in the City of Coral Gables [PDF] CAO 2015-087 Unity of Title [PDF] CAO 2015-086 Placement of Mailboxes within the City [PDF] CAO 2015-085 Art Sculptures in Segovia Circles [PDF] CAO 2015-084 Appeal Fee Waiver Petition [PDF] CAO 2015-083 Riviera Country Club Demolition [PDF] CAO 2015-082 Leon: 600 and 620 Arvida, Gables Estates [PDF] CAO 2015-081 Walk Up Window Interpretation [PDF] CAO 2015-080 1019 Lisbon Street [PDF] CAO 2015-079 Cone of Silence [PDF] CAO 2015-078 Using Skype To Attend Meetings Of The Historic Preservation And Planning And Zoning Boards [PDF] CAO 2015-077 Parking Garage Redevelopment Pre-Proposal Conference [PDF] CAO 2015-076 Zoning Code Interpretation [PDF] CAO 2015-075 Continuance For Paseo De Riviera [PDF] CAO 2015-074 Police Athletic League (Pal) [PDF] CAO 2015-073 Correcting Scrivener’s Error [PDF] CAO 2015-072 Unity Of Title [PDF] CAO 2015-071 HIPPA [PDF] CAO 2015-070 Miami Today: Meeting Request Regarding Legal Advertising [PDF] CAO 2015-069 Construction Staging [PDF] CAO 2015-068 Sign Code And Reed v. Town Of Gilbert [PDF] CAO 2015-067 Charitable Solicitations [PDF] CAO 2015-066 Solicitors [PDF] CAO 2015-065 Electronic Filing [PDF] CAO 2015-064 Content Neutral Restrictions [PDF] CAO 2015-063 Extension Of Term [PDF] CAO 2015-062 Clearing Of Land [PDF] CAO 2015-061 Ethics Code [PDF] CAO 2015-060 City Attorney Budget [PDF] CAO 2015-059 927 Valencia [PDF] CAO 2015-058 Adult Activity Center Item [PDF] CAO 2015-057 Azul Amendment To Settlement Agreement [PDF] CAO 2015-056 Applicability Of Historic Preservation Ordinance And Comprehensive Plan [PDF] CAO 2015-055 Bullhorns [PDF] CAO 2015-054 Response To Notice Of Violation - Coral Gables Preparatory Academy [PDF] CAO 2015-053 33 Alhambra Circle [PDF] CAO 2015-052 Lot Separation Issue - Request For Review Of Extension [PDF] CAO 2015-051 Outdoor Lighting [PDF] CAO 2015-050 2020 Salzedo - Narrative Of Changes [PDF] CAO 2015-049 Property At 6001 Mall Street [PDF] CAO 2015-048 Building A Car Port [PDF] CAO 2015-047 Health Facilities Authority [PDF] CAO 2015-046 Citywide Traffic Advisory Board [PDF] CAO 2015-045 Board Service - Term Limits [PDF] CAO 2015-044 Compensation Section Of The Code [PDF] CAO 2015-043 Board Appointments [PDF] CAO 2015-042 Zoning Determination [PDF] CAO 2015-041 Policy Regarding Time Period For Collecting Solid Waste Liens [PDF] CAO 2015-040 Baptist Health – Coral Gables Site [PDF] CAO 2015-039 Draft Legal Opinion – “Public Place” Definition [PDF] CAO 2015-038 No Motion On Bike Lanes On The Mile On February 18 [PDF] CAO 2015-037 Music Video Information [PDF] CAO 2015-036 Approval Of Upcoming Travel [PDF] CAO 2015-035 Section 34-78 [PDF] CAO 2015-034 Site Specific Zoning Regulations And Mediterranean Bonus [PDF] CAO 2015-033 Correction To Section 50-26(C) Of The City Code [PDF] CAO 2015-032 Unenclosed Private Balconies [PDF] CAO 2015-031 St. Augustus Church Bookstore [PDF] CAO 2015-030 Safe Streets Act Grant Application [PDF] CAO 2015-029 Fee Ordinance On Pit Bull Permit [PDF] CAO 2015-028 Individual Appointment To Retirement Board [PDF] CAO 2015-027 Campaign Contributions By Law Forms Hired As Outside Counsel To The Attorney’s Office [PDF] CAO 2015-026 Ground Leases And Permit Joinder [PDF] CAO 2015-025 Alley Vacation [PDF] CAO 2015-024 Tree Fine For Removal Of A Tree [PDF] CAO 2015-023 Coral Gables Congregational Church Sculpture [PDF] CAO 2015-022 Riviera Park Renaming [PDF] CAO 2015-021 Correction To Resolution [PDF] CAO 2015-020 Lot Coverage For 6510 San Vicente [PDF] CAO 2015-019 Publication Requirement [PDF] CAO 2015-018 Bid Protest [PDF] CAO 2015-017 Use Of Existing Agreement With Metro-Express [PDF] CAO 2015-016 Presentation Of Driver License’s Pursuant To Florida Statutes Section 322.15 [PDF] CAO 2015-015 Sunshine Meeting Will Be Recessed Until 1:30 PM [PDF] CAO 2015-014 Hiring Of Assistant City Manager [PDF] CAO 2015-013 Violeta’s Pasteleria Retail Establishment And Not A Restaurant Pursuant To Section 2-201(E)(1) & (8) [PDF] CAO 2015-012 City Manager Authority Under Section 2-701 Of The Zoning Code To Allow Temporary Use For Additional Year [PDF] CAO 2015-011 Use Of City Seal By Outside Vendor [PDF] CAO 2015-010 Request For Public Records: On Controlled Choice Schools [PDF] CAO 2015-009 Attendance Boundary Procedure [PDF] CAO 2015-008 106 Florida Avenue – Adding Rear Wall [PDF] CAO 2015-007 Opinion On RFQ Questions [PDF] CAO 2015-006 Title VI Equity Analysis – Proposed Permanent Trolley Facility In The South Dixie Highway Location [PDF] CAO 2015-005 Agreement Regarding 110 Merrick [PDF] CAO 2015-004 Fire Department Grant Funded Procurement [PDF] CAO 2015-003 Determination Of City Code Regarding “Gutters” [PDF] CAO 2015-002 Alcohol License Request From Firefighters Association [PDF] CAO 2015-001 Gables Harbour Condominium [PDF]


CAO 2014-063 Invocation At An Upcoming Commission Meeting [PDF] CAO 2014-062 “Mixed Use” May Entail Medical Use And Retail Use [PDF] CAO 2014-061 “Form And Correctness” May Be Used Interchangeably With “Form And Legal Sufficiency” [PDF] CAO 2014-060 Iron Sushi – 2-Cop Alcoholic Beverage License [PDF] CAO 2014-059 Refund Of An Impact Fee May Be Granted Only Where Impact Fee Has Been Previously Paid – A-Loft Hotels [PDF] CAO 2014-058 New Architect Working On Abandoned Project [PDF] CAO 2014-057 Tenant Allowed On Temporary Construction Sign CAO 2014-056 Re-Development Of Property With Mf2 Status [PDF] CAO 2014-055 Group Designation And Expiration Of Terms [PDF] CAO 2014-054 Jurisdiction Of County Owned Properties [PDF] CAO 2014-053 Plumber Building [PDF] CAO 2014-052 City Manager, City Pension [PDF] CAO 2014-051 Lending Donated Item For Public Purpose [PDF] CAO 2014-050 Ethics Training For Newly Elected Officials [PDF] CAO 2014-049 Meet With Individual On Legislative Matter [PDF] CAO 2014-048 Hiring Art Consultant, Exception To Procurement Code [PDF] CAO 2014-047 City Of Coral Gables Enforce Miami-Dade County Code [PDF] CAO 2014-046 Zoning Code Of Existing Biltmore Hotel Structure [PDF] CAO 2014-045 Process For A Resident To Place Item On Agenda [PDF] CAO 2014-044 Squatter Off Premises [PDF] CAO 2014-043 Appeal Hearing, No Transcript [PDF] CAO 2014-042 Sale Of Surplus City Property [PDF] CAO 2014-041 - Tree Permit Appeal [PDF] CAO 2014-040 Special Event Notify Managers Office [PDF] CAO 2014-039 Appointed Officials Considered Excluded Employees [PDF] CAO 2014-038 Building Site Determination [PDF] CAO 2014-036 Variance Not Needed On Improvement [PDF] CAO 2014-035 Cone Of Silence [PDF] CAO 2014-034 Allowed Height Along Altara Avenue CAO 2014-033 Multiple Board Members Attend Public Meeting, Voting On Chairman Position, Appearing Before Commission [PDF] CAO 2014-032 - Police Officer Conduct Arrest on Probable Cause [PDF] CAO 2014-031 Chief Procurement Officer Has Authority To Dispose Of Trees [PDF] CAO 2014-030 - Garage Being Added Next to Existing One [PDF] CAO 2014-028 - City Commissioners May Speak Directly with City Staff [PDF] CAO 2014-027 - City Attorney Can Settle Disputes and Sign Settlement Agreements on Behalf of the City [PDF] CAO 2014-026 Parking Director May Void A Parking Ticket [PDF] CAO 2014-025 City Has Discretion To Continue With Building Plan Review If Application Requests To Do So [PDF] CAO 2014-024 - Legal Representation Policy Statement [PDF] CAO 2014-023 - City Resident Right to Appeal [PDF] CAO 2014-022 Resigning From Office [PDF] CAO 2014-021 Amending An Existing Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2014-020 Maximum Height For Far In Mf2, Douglas Section [PDF] CAO 2014-019 - Wild Animal on City Property [PDF] CAO 2014-018 Placement On Agenda [PDF] CAO 2014-017 Preserve Building After Approval For Demolition [PDF] CAO 2014-016 - Forfeiture Funds To Pay Legal Fees [PDF] CAO 2014-015 - Ability to Create the Position of Commission Aide [PDF] CAO 2014-014 - Public Records Request Officer Parking [PDF] CAO 2014-013 - Zoning Code Interpretation [PDF] CAO 2014-012 - Discharging Firearm in Public or Residential Property [PDF] CAO 2014-011 - Jurats for Notarizations Oaths V. Acknowledgments [PDF] CAO 2014-010 Maximum Gross Floor Area Permitted In Site’s Zoning [PDF] CAO 2014-009 Good Faith Estimate [PDF] CAO 2014-008 Privately Owned Parking Lot [PDF] CAO 2014-007 Demolition Permit For Non-Historic Property [PDF] CAO 2014-006 Coral Gables Library Advisory Board – Fundraising And Increase In Monthly Meetings [PDF] CAO 2014-005 - Voting Conflicts Size of Class [PDF] CAO 2014-004 Pension Ordinance 50-246(A)(6) [PDF] CAO 2014-003 Correction To City Code Pursuant To Section 2-201(E)(9) [PDF] CAO 2014-002 Coral Gables Library Advisory Board –Monthly Meetings [PDF] CAO 2014-001 Um Impact Fees [PDF]


CAO 2013-059 City Business Tax Receipts For Complied Information [PDF] CAO 2013-058 Legal Sufficiency In Gun Range Contract [PDF] CAO 2013-057 Not Of Historical Significance – Not Time Sensitive [PDF] CAO 2013-056 Interpretation Of Section 5-119(A)(3) Of The Zoning Code [PDF] CAO 2013-055 Short-Term Rentals Of Single-Family Dwellings Within Single-Family Residential [PDF] CAO 2013-054 Senior Advisory Board Quorum Issues [PDF] CAO 2013-053 Quorum Inquiry Regarding Library Advisory Board [PDF] CAO 2013-052 Pigeon Relocation [PDF] CAO 2013-051 Floating Dock [PDF] CAO 2013-050 Piggyback Contract [PDF] CAO 2013-049 Historic Preservation Board’s Voting Requirements [PDF] CAO 2013-048 Floating Watercraft Structures [PDF] CAO 2013-047 Retirement Plan – Composition Of Pension Board [PDF] CAO 2013-046 City Code Section 50-230(C) Interpretation [PDF] CAO 2013-045 Special Events Permit For Extensive Or Extraordinary Request For Use Of City Property [PDF] CAO 2013-044 Bumpers To Move Inoperable Vehicles From Roadway [PDF] CAO 2013-043 Memorandum Of Understanding – Operation Stonegarden [PDF] CAO 2013-042 CGPD SOP – Return Of Firearm [PDF] CAO 2013-041 Historic Preservation Board May Make Non-Binding Recommendations To Zoning And Planning Board [PDF] CAO 2013-040 City Policies On Public Testimony At Public Meetings [PDF] CAO 2013-039 Florida’s Public Records Legal Memorandum [PDF] CAO 2013-038 - Analysis Of Public Records Law Exemptions Set Forth Under Florida Statues 768.28(16)(b), (c), And (D) [PDF] CAO 2013-037 Postponement Of An Appeal Of A Decision Of The Board Of Architects To The City Commission [PDF] CAO 2013-036 Florida’s Garnishment Law In Relation To The City Of Coral Gables’ Duties And Obligations [PDF] CAO 2013-035 Board Member Seeking Appointment As Special Magistrate [PDF] CAO 2013-034 Liens Must Be Recorded To Be Valid And Effective [PDF] CAO 2013-033 Coral Gables MFSA Standards [PDF] CAO 2013-032 Resign To Run As It Applies To Membership on the Coral Gables Merrick House Governing Board And Seeking Statewide Elective Office [PDF] CAO 2013-031 Response To Granada Presbyterian Church's Temporary Parking Signage Request [PDF] CAO 2013-030 Limitations On Prohibition Of Dual Office Holding As Set Forth In Article II, Section 5(A), FL Constitution [PDF] CAO 2013-029 6988 Sunrise Drive Meyers Residence Biscayne Bay Or Gables Waterway [PDF] CAO 2013-028 Tree Removal [PDF] CAO 2013-027 Question If Power Of Attorney Sufficiency [PDF] CAO 2013-026 Ability To Remove Signs Placed In The Public Right-Of-Way [PDF] CAO 2013-025 Using Home Address As Business Address Also [PDF] CAO 2013-024 Authorizing Resolution And Executed Contract Govern Not The RFP Response [PDF] CAO 2013-023 Determination Of 1% For Art In Public Places [PDF] CAO 2013-022 Accessory Use [PDF] CAO 2013-021 Scrivener’s Error- Section 46-41 Of Municipal Code [PDF] CAO 2013-020 Donation Policy [PDF] CAO 2013-019 Postponement Of An Appeal [PDF] CAO 2013-018 Alcoholic Beverage Sales [PDF] CAO 2013-017 Negotiations With Lowest Responsive/Responsible Bidder [PDF] CAO 2013-016 Home Occupation [PDF] CAO 2013-015 Prohibition On Recording Devices In Police Station [PDF] CAO 2013-014 Building Permit Expediters – Lobbyist Registration Legal Advice Request [PDF] CAO 2013-013 Rejection Of Payment Under Protest [PDF] CAO 2013-012 Tree Protection Appeal [PDF] CAO 2013-011 Coral Gables Congregational Church Parking [PDF] CAO 2013-010 Elimination of Preempted Code Provisions Pursuant To Section 2-201(E)(9) Of The City Code [PDF] CAO 2013-009 Member Of Public On Agenda For A Personal Appearance [PDF] CAO 2013-008 Changes To Local Business Tax Fees [PDF] CAO 2013-007 Building Permit For New Home On A New Address [PDF] CAO 2013-006 Gables Station – Expiration Of Approvals [PDF] CAO 2013-005 Notice Of Commencement [PDF] CAO 2013-004 Fire Station Temporary [PDF] CAO 2013-003 Scriveners Error- Section 101-181 of the City Code [PDF] CAO 2013-002 Revised Legal Opinion in Response to 12262012 Request for Advisory Opinion Residency Requirement [PDF] CAO 2013-001 Informational Sign on City Property [PDF]


CAO 2012-028 Encroachment Agreement Restrictive Covenant City-Owned Building [PDF] CAO 2012-027 Request for Accommodation Regarding Bulk Pick Up [PDF] CAO 2012-026 Memo on Liens For Unpaid Code Enforcement Fines Citing Trucks on Swale Where Truck Does Not Belong [PDF] CAO 2012-025 Position of City Architect [PDF] CAO 2012-024 Waste Fee For Auxiliary Unit [PDF] CAO 2012-023 Construction Wrap [PDF] CAO 2012-022 Fruit Picking Off City Tree [PDF] CAO 2012-021 Florida Building Code [PDF] CAO 2012-020 City Collecting Fee For Event Serving Municipal Purpose [PDF] CAO 2012-019 UM Community Relations Committee [PDF] CAO 2012-018 Palace Amendment - Street Lights [PDF] CAO 2012-017 Coral Gables AdArticles [PDF] CAO 2012-016 City Manager Ability To Delegate Responsibility On Tree Protection Appeals Committee [PDF] CAO 2012-015 Effective Date Of An Ordinance [PDF] CAO 2012-014 Amendment Within Scope of Prior Resolution [PDF] CAO 2012-013 Merrick House Governing Board Use Of Merrick House Trust Fund Money For Events [PDF] CAO 2012-012 Cone Of Silence Violations By Downtown Towing [PDF] CAO 2012-011 Use Of Google Earth For A Code Violation [PDF] CAO 2012-010 Changes To Local Business Tax Fees Resolution 2011-142 [PDF] CAO 2012-009 University Of Miami Lobbyist Registration Fee [PDF] CAO 2012-008 Section 18 Of City Charter - Initiative And Referendum [PDF] CAO 2012-007 Special Master Consideration To Mitigate Fines [PDF] CAO 2012-006 Signs In City-Owned Rights-Of-Way [PDF] CAO 2012-005 Commission Has Authority To Make An Ordinance Effective Whenever It Determines It Should Be Effective [PDF] CAO 2012-004 Appeal: Code Enforcement Board [PDF] CAO 2012-003 Chairperson Of A Board Can Appear Before City Commission To Provide Board’s Recommendations [PDF] CAO 2012-002 House Issue In Hammock Lakes Built 8 Inches Above Crown Of Road [PDF] CAO 2012-001 Agreement Not Fully Executed Due To No Approval By City Commission [PDF]