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Venetian Pool

About Please review the pool's hours. The pool is closed on Mondays. To stay updated, sign up for our RecNews e-newsletter . This unique aquatic facility has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of

Community Recreation

About The Community Recreation Department manages the War Memorial Youth Center, the Coral Gables Golf and Country Club, the William H. Kerdyk Biltmore Tennis Center, the Salvadore Tennis Center, the

Venetian Pool FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Venetian Pool.

Venetian Pool History

History of the Venetian pool since the opening in 1924 as the Venetian Casino

Venetian Pool Programs

Programs and lessons at the Venetian Pool, groups suited to all ages and abilities

Report Venetian Pool Issues

Report any issues with the Venetian Pool.

Venetian Pool Parties!

The Venetian Pool is available during normal operational hours for your child’s birthday party celebration.

Venetian Pool Concessions Menu

Venetian Pool Concessions Menu

Venetian Pool Ticket Purchasing Guide

A guide on how to purchase tickets to Venetian Pool for both residents and non-residents.

Venetian Pool Media Permits

Whether for personal or commercial use the Venetian Pool is available for still photography, video and motion pictures during regular hours of operation as well as non-operational hours pending