Venetian Pool Ticket Purchasing Guide

Click here to access a PDF version of this guide.

1. Visit the Venetian Pool's page on the website.

2. Select "Book Now" at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of Venetian Pool webpage. The button called "Book Now" is circled in red.

3. Select the date you desire to visit.

Please note: Non-residents do not need an account. If you are a resident of Coral Gables, you will be required to log in or create an account. The account will need to be verified by the Community Recreation Department for your discount to apply.

Screenshot of the calendar view on the ticket booking page. Each date has an option for VP Resident and Non-Resident tickets.

4. Insert the total number of tickets you wish to purchase.

Screenshot of the Purchase Options Screen. There is a text field called "Ticket Quantity" highlighted.

5. Check off which type of ticket you are purchasing (adult or child). Make sure the quantity matches the total tickets inserted on Step 4. Select the “Copy Tickler”, “Waiver”, and input your name and email. Click continue.

Screenshot of the Purchase screen. The first section is called "Fees" with check boxes for adults and children with text fields to enter the amount and quantity for each. The second section is called "Ticklers" with a check box called "Copy Tickler" checked. Screenshot from a lower section of the same page. A checkbox called "I agree with the above" is activated. The next section is called "Guest Information" with fields for first name, last name and email.

6. Review your purchase items and apply coupons/gift certificates. Click "Proceed to Checkout" for payment.

Screenshot of the Shopping Cart. The first section is called Shopping Cart. There are two buttons called "Proceed to Checkout" and "Continue Shopping" then a section called "Apply Coupon slash Gift Certificate"

7.  Input your payment information and click continue to finalize purchase. You will then receive an email confirmation showing receipt number, Venetian Pool receipt and access tickets. Please check your junk mail. Sometimes the city’s emails are redirected there.

If you do not receive your tickets, then please email us at

Screenshot. Checkout screen. Select Payment Method is a dropdown menu. Screenshot. Check out screen. First name, last name and address are required fields. Screenshot. Checkout screen. State, Zip Code, Home Phone with area code, and email address are required fields.