Venetian Pool History

The Story So Far

The Venetian pool was opened in 1924 as the Venetian Casino. The pool was a creation that was a result of the Grand Plan that George Merrick had for a City that would embody true hometown living.

As George Merrick went about creating a City with Mediterranean features such as grand entrances, plazas and Mediterranean-style homes, the limestone being used to create the buildings was taken from a quarry pit. This quarry became Venetian Pool through the efforts of Merrick, artist Denman Fink, and architect Phineas Paist.

The pool was transformed into a paradise that is included in the National Register of Historic Places, one of a select few swimming pools to have such a designation.

Black and white image of the Venetian Pool
Venetian Pool Black and White Image

In its early days, the “Venetian Casino”, was quite a destination for the high society people of the day. Movie Stars Johnny Weismuller and Esther Williams both appeared there to large crowds. The pool was also a site for orchestra concerts. The pool would be emptied and the orchestra would then perform on the pool floor. Many years later in 2001, The scene would be duplicated as a concert was held on the pool floor to commemorate the City of Coral Gables’ 75th birthday.

In 1989, a historical renovation was completed. The pool’s rich history can now be observed as you walk in through the entry fountain and gaze upon the historical pictures that remind patrons of an era long gone by.