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Human Resources

About The Human Resources and Risk Management Department aspires to be the model for excellence and leadership in human resources and risk management, delivering strategic and progressive human

Development Projects

A map service of the large development projects within the City of Coral Gables

Coral Gables Retirement System

Coral Gables Retirement System Transition of Administration Services and GRS Call Center Dear members of the City of Coral Gables Retirement System: Effective July 1, 2023, Gabriel, Roeder, Smith &


Request to qualify program and history of awarded contracts.


Be redirected to the city's Energov portal to search for all inspections.

Paint My Home

Apply for a permit to paint your home.

Plant Management

Information on swale landscaping recommendations, mangroves, pollinator areas, and the Million Orchid project.

Zoning Code and Map

The City of Coral Gables, in conjunction with Gridics, LLC, has launched a comprehensive zoning code and map platform. The applications within the platform include the City’s Zoning Code, an

Burglar Alarm Application

Burglar Alarm, alarm application, register for alarm, register your alarm, alarm