Coral Gables Retirement System

Coral Gables Retirement System Transition of Administration Services and GRS Call Center

Dear members of the City of Coral Gables Retirement System:

Effective July 1, 2023, Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company (GRS) will become the full plan administrator/administrative manager for the City of Coral Gables Retirement System. The Retirement Board has elected to transition the administration services to a third-party service provider, and they have selected GRS. Edemir Estrada will be your primary contact person at GRS, and she will be supported by other staff, including Erin Jackson and Peter Tramont.

The official transition period will begin in April 2023, and GRS will open a call center to all members to answer any questions and assist with the retirement process. This call center will be open during GRS’ regular business hours, which are 8:30 to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

We encourage you to utilize the pension portal through PensionSoft to review your current benefits, run retirement benefit estimates, and review important announcements, board meeting minutes/agendas and other important information concerning the Retirement System.

During the transition period of April 1, 2023 through June 30, 2023, Kimberly Groome will continue to be available to answer questions, but we encourage you to reach out to GRS with your questions as well. Effective July 1, 2023, this call center and the pension portal will be the sources for all of your retirement system needs.

Pension Portal

Retirees and active employees may log on to the pension portal (PensionSoft to review current benefits, run retirement benefit estimates and review important announcements, Board meeting minutes/agendas and other important information concerning the Retirement System. If you have not registered yet, contact GRS for your registration code and information to logging onto the portal.

Coral Gables Retirement Board

List of Members

Name of Trustee Elected or Appointed Appointing Authority
Alex Mantecon, Chairperson Appointed Commissioner Fors
James Gueits, Vice Chairperson Appointed Commissioner Mena
Vacant Appointed Mayor Lago
Michael Gold     Appointed Commissioner Menendez
Beatriz Vazquez Appointed Commissioner Anderson
Joshua Nunez Elected Police Representative
Christopher Challenger Elected Member-at-large
Troy Easley Elected Firefighter Representative
Sureya Serret Elected General/Teamster Employees
Andy Mayobre Appointed City Manager
Rene Alvarez Appointed City Manager
Diana Gomez Finance Director Per Ordinance
Raquel Elejabarrieta HR Director Per Ordinance

Reports and Other Information

MEeting agenda

For the latest meeting agenda visit the meetings calendar. To refine results be sure to select Coral Gables Retirement Board next to the search. 

Actuarial report

Coral Gables Retirement System Actuarial Report 10/1/2022

Audit report

Retirement Plan Audit 2021-2022

Investment reports

Coral Gables Investment Performance Review Quarter Ending March 31, 2023

Summary plan description

Summary Plan Description 2022 [PDF]

Board Meeting Minutes

Retirement Board Meeting of 04-20-2023 [PDF] Retirement Board Meeting 03-09-2023 Retirement Board Meeting of 02-09-2023 [PDF] Retirement Board Meeting 01-12-2023 [PDF]

Contact US/Call center

  • Edemir Estrada - Retirement System Administrator
  • Erin Jackson - Senior Benefits Specialist
  • Peter Tramont - Retirement Administrative Support Staff

Phone: 954-527-1616

Fax: 954-525-0083


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