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Anne Boynton-Trigg - Rain and Glory

Location: Riviera Dr. and Suarez St.

Reason for Nomination: Although battered by the recent rain, this tree is glorious in its structure and bloom. 

A large Royal Ponciana tree  with red flowers stands on a rainy day with fallen petals


A large Royal Ponciana tree with red flowers stands on a rainy day

Sherry Celesia - Rainbow

Location: Cortez and SW 15th Street

Species: Rainbow Eucalyptus

Reason for Nomination: I never knew such a tree existed until I moved here! Its beauty is so special. It looks like an artist used chalk paints to create it! When my friends and family come to visit we always go to this tree and everyone stares in awe. While I love the mighty banyan trees, this is my new favorite!

A large tree with red, yellow, and green bark stands in front of a sidewalk with trees and blue sky in the background

Charles "Rick" Carr - Colors and Sabicu

Location: 3 way Intersection; Campo Sano Avenue at Campo Sano Ct. ("east side")

Tree Species: Lysiloma sabicu

Reason for Nomination: Its leaves change, and it creates a show of color. Being localized in the Caribbean Basin makes it a "near native".

A Sabicu tree with orange leaves in front of larger green leave trees and blue sky


Sabicu tree with orange leaves with larger green trees and blue sky in the back.

Claudia Espinoza - The Big Timer

Location: Sunset Drive

Reason for Nomination: This Banyan was love at first sight. [When I was younger] I would climb a huge banyan and swing off its vines with my brother and neighbors. My mom called it the Big Timer. We eventually introduced it to my own children. The Banyan roots grow from its branches so it’s always growing outwards as our seeds should. 

Banyan Tree with wrapping branches


POV looking up at a Banyan Tree with wrapping branches


Banyan Tree with wrapping branches and a woman wearing black stands next to it

Dariel Gonzalez - Merrick Shack

Location: Castile Ave. and S Greenway Dr.

Reason for Nomination: The tree has surrounded an original wooden beam of the Merrick shack, their first home when they moved down from Duxbury Mass. The shack was moved to that spot and used as an office for Merrick’s plantation.

A large banyan tree stands in a patch of grass. A green sign is next to it.