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Multi-Modal Plan


The City of Coral Gables works closely with community members and stakeholders to create plans that improve quality of life, and in February of 2016 the City launched a comprehensive transportation planning process at the request of residents and city leadership to increase mobility options and manage traffic congestion throughout the city. 

The Coral Gables Transportation Plan is part of a larger city goal to increase routine physical activity, improve health, lower health care costs, reduce the amount of climate-changing pollutants we release, and ultimately to become a more sustainable community. The purpose of the Comprehensive Multimodal Transportation Plan for Coral Gables is to develop a 10-year blueprint for improving the city’s transportation system and addressing key mobility needs to provide better travel choices for the residents, visitors and employees of the city. 


The transportation planning program is divided into several major steps, each with specific tasks that contribute to the final plan. These are summarized in the following outline: 

 Plan Framework and Data Collection
  •  Develop plan purpose, goals, and objectives 
  •  Collect data and information 
  •  Review prior relevant studies and plans 
  •  Analyze existing and future conditions 
  •  Conduct field studies 
  •  Interview stakeholders 
  •  Initiate public outreach 
 Plan Development
  •  Develop individual plan elements for each mode and for various policies 
  •  Refine recommendations 
  •  Conduct extensive public involvement activities 
 Plan Document & Review
  •  Prepare draft plan document for review 
  •  Conduct briefings with elected officials, staff, and the public 
  •  Finalize the plan document based on feedback 
  •  Develop the implementation strategy and identify funding sources 
Plan Adoption
  •  Adoption of the plan by the City Commission 

The work program for this transportation plan is structured to be:

  • Comprehensive: considering all factors affecting the multimodal transportation network
  • Multimodal: encompassing all transportation modes and uses
  • Integrated: seeking opportunities to interconnect the modes for more seamless travel
  • Progressive: incorporating innovative and state-of-the practice tools and techniques
  • Proactive: anticipating needs and issues
  • Context-sensitive: considering transportation issues, factors, opportunities, and constraints within and adjacent to Coral Gables
  • Responsive: driven by community-generated input and dialogue
  • Consistent: linking other key City plans and documents, including the Comprehensive Development Master Plan
  • Coordinated: interfacing with City officials and departments, and external agencies
  • Results-oriented: focusing on developing practical, prioritized, and forward-looking actions to guide the City’s future transportation system investments

Sidewalk Construction


Coral Gables residents can request the installation of new sidewalks on their streets, through the Neighborhood Enhancement Program. This program is designed to improve the safety of pedestrians throughout our neighborhoods as well as enhance the sense of community and quality of life.

The City will fund 50 percent of sidewalk installation on local residential streets.  The City will bill property owners the remaining 50% through a monthly assessment, over 1-5 years, depending on the overall cost of the project.

For more information contact the City of Coral Gables Public Works Department at 305-460-5000 or email

If You Live on a Collector Street (Listed Below) Contact Public Works for Additional Options

  • Alhambra Circle
  • Anastasia Ave.
  • San Marco Dr.
  • Ponce De Leon Blvd.
  • De Soto Blvd
  • S. Alhambra Circle
  • Granada Boulevard
  • Biltmore Drive
  • Sevilla  Avenue from Red Road to Anastasia Avenue
  • University Drive
  • San Amaro Drive
  • Miller Road
  • Campo Sano Avenue
  • Riviera Drive

University Drive Sidewalk Project

The residents of University Drive initiated a request for sidewalks through the Neighborhood Enhancement Program in 2017. The City of Coral Gables Public Works Department has been working to provide sidewalks, in response to the request, on University Drive where they do not currently exist between Bird Road and Blue Road. A public meeting was held on March 16th, 2017, with a voting ballot subsequently distributed to the community later in 2017. The results of the ballot met the 2/3rds concurrency requirement for new sidewalk construction.  

Coral Gables Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment Report

The City of Coral Gables Public Works Department staff led the development of this document with engagement and support from Miami-Dade County, the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization, and Bike Walk Coral Gables.