Traffic Calming


The City of Coral Gables successfully negotiated new traffic calming criteria for local residential streets within the City. The traffic calming criteria includes factors that consider the context of the street such as the presence of sidewalks, proximity to schools, parks or other community destinations as well as adjustments to the current traffic calming criteria. The focus of the criteria is pedestrian safety. The criteria places a greater emphasis on motorists’ speeds, which aligns with research on a pedestrian’s risk of severe injury or fatality. Additionally, the criteria allows lower volume and lower speed streets to qualify if there are limited or no sidewalks and if there are pedestrians generators nearby. In order to qualify for traffic calming on your street, a minimum of 10 points need to be earned based on the application criteria.Traffic calming devices need approval by 50% of the returned ballots from residents whose residences are facing the block where a device is proposed.

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Traffic Calming Initiatives

The City of Coral Gables is dedicated to improving the accessibility and quality of life of our neighborhoods through safer streets, take a look at our progress so far.

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