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Emergencies: Dial 911
2800 S.W. 72nd Avenue

Battery Recycling

Keep Coral Gables Beautiful has launched a new Battery Recycling Pilot Program. This program aligns with the City’s goal of reducing waste that is ending up in landfills and building a more resilient and sustainable City Beautiful. 

A clear tube with blue caps stands about 3 feet tall. it is filled with disgarded batteries.

Accepted Batteries 

Common household batteries like AAA, AA, C, and DA camera or laptop battery and a button battery.

Alkaline (AAA, AA, C, D)

Lithium & Lithium Ion
Several batteries connected together inside a yellow plastic with a connector piece. small silver watch batteries.
Nickel Cadmium & Nickel Metal (Rechargeable Batteries)Silver Oxide & Silver Zinc

Battery recycling bins have been placed in the following locations:

  • City Hall: 405 Biltmore Way: Main Entrance Area 
  • Police & Fire Headquarters: 2151 Salzedo Street: First Floor Lobby
  • War Memorial Youth Center: 405 University DriveReception Area 
  • Public Works Department: 2800 SW 72nd Avenue: Main Entrance Area 

Please note: Batteries such as automotive/car batteries and other large batteries are not accepted as a part of this program.

Why Recycle batteries?

Hundreds of millions of pounds of batteries end up in landfills in the US each year. They do not decompose and can potentially release harmful chemicals. Batteries are made out of useful resources such as zinc and cadmium which can be recycled and recovered from used and discarded batteries.

“Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used in many products such as electronics, toys, wireless headphones, handheld power tools, small and large appliances, electric vehicles, and electrical energy storage systems. If not properly managed at the end of their useful life, they can cause harm to human health or the environment.” – EPA 

Click Here to Find Out How to Recycle Your Unwanted Electronics

For more information on the Battery Recycling Program please call 305-460-5008 or 305-569-1835

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