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Sidewalk Cafes and Outdoor Seating

Temporary Open-Air Dining Permit (Covid-19 Economic Stimulus)

Why Temporary Open-Air Dining (Covid-19 Economic Stimulus)?""

On May 16, 2020, the City of Coral Gables issued an Emergency Order allowing for limited re-opening of restaurant and certain establishments with conditions consistent with similar Emergency Orders adopted by Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida. The purpose of these temporary procedures is to provide guidelines to ensure the reopening of the local economy is safe, responsible, and smart to support the business community while maintaining recommended health protocols that protect the public health and safety of everyone. The procedures are pursuant to Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 23-20 and intended to be temporary and supplement the existing sidewalk cafe and outdoor seating permit processes as an alternative to allow an expedited process.

All requirements of the State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, and the City of Coral Gables related to restaurant and food service operations shall be followed. In the event of a conflict between these guidelines and any State, County, or City regulation, ordinance, resolution, or order, including an emergency order, these guidelines shall be considered secondary to any conflicting regulation.

This order along with all temporary permits issued pursuant to the above mentioned Order shall expire on January 15, 2022.

How to obtain a Temporary Open-Air Dining permit (COVID-19 Economic Stimulus):

A restaurant that does not currently have a Sidewalk Café or Outdoor Seating permit, or wishes to expand their existing permit to include additional areas (e.g. parking spaces, abutting property, City-owned property, etc) shall follow these steps:

Step 1. Prepare the following:

  2. Simple sketch plan of location of tables and chairs with Pre-Approved Furniture selection or alternative furniture if approved by the Development Review Official.
  3. Insurance certificates. (I. General Liability with Coral Gables as Additional Insured on the Certificate of Insurance (COI) with a copy of the required Additional Insured Endorsement; II. Workmans Compensation, Waiver of Subrogation Wording on the COI with a copy of the required waiver of Subrogation Endorsement.) 

Certificate Holder and address should be : 
City of Coral Gables
P.O. Box 100085 - CE

Duluth, GA 30096

Step 2. Email completed application, sketch plan with furniture, and insurance certificates to

Step 3. Print the City-issued Temporary Open-Air Dining permit to post at restaurant in a common area to be visible for Code Enforcement.

Outdoor dining must allow for 6 feet social distancing. All dining must be accessible.

  Restaurants shall comply with the following:

  • Maintain separation of 6 feet minimum from individual dining areas when seated, measured from back of chair to back of chair for social distancing.
  • May use On-street and off-street parking areas for additional seating through the Temporary Open-Air Dining permit application. Proposed parking spaces shall be sufficiently buffered from travel lanes with city-approved barriers.
  • Pedestrian pathways must remain unobstructed. If the restaurant is on Miracle Mile or Giralda Plaza, at least six (6) feet shall be maintained unobstructed between sidewalk seating areas and storefront / property line.
  • Adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and requirements at all times.
  • May extend dining area to include storefront of a non-restaurant neighbor, with consent from the affected business.
  • Comply with other regulations in Sections 4-206(B)(4) and 5-119 of the Zoning Code. 

Standard Outdoor Seating Permit see below  

Who needs a Sidewalk Café or Outdoor Seating Permit?

Restaurant operators, who wish to serve their customers outside on public property adjacent to the primary restaurant establishment (Sidewalk Cafe Permit) or restaurants to serve outside on their private property (Outdoor Seating Permit).



Outdoor Seating on Private Property shall:

  • Not interfere with pedestrian circulation
  • Be unenclosed and open
  • Not have perimeter structures (fences, railings, planters, etc) that restricts pedestrian circulation or discourages the public use of the arcade
  • Locate all kitchen equipment within the primary restaurant
  • Keep dining area neat and orderly and free from refuse, debris and gum
  • Meet the requirements for nighttime uses in Sec. 4-301 of the Zoning Code

Sidewalk Cafe in Public Right-of-Way shall:

  • Require an issued Certificate displayed at place of business
  • Be the length of the restaurant frontage, unless approved during permitting
  • Maintain a minimum clearance of 5 feet (10 feet on Miracle Mile and Giralda Plaza) from all obstructions (building, curb-line, etc)
  • Not have perimeter structures (fences, railings, planters, etc) that restricts pedestrian circulation or discourages public use of the tables or chairs. Planters may only be utilized on Miracle Mile or Giralda Plaza as buffers from vehicular traffic. Artificial planting materials are prohibited.
  • Not include any signage on the public portion of the property
  • Allow access to any bus stop, crosswalk, public seating, intersections, service easements, handicap facilities, or adjacent establishments
  • Be clean and in good repair, with trash, litter, and gum removed daily, including the sidewalk area, curb and gutter
  • Not be anchored / restrained visibly as with a chain, rope or wire
  • Meet the requirements for nighttime uses in Sec. 4-301 of the Zoning Code
  • Not stack or pile chairs in the ROW on Miracle Mile or Giralda Plaza
  • Not include the storage of dishes, silverware or other similar equipment on Miracle Mile or Giralda Plaza during non-business hours
  • Not include any food displays, food preparation, storage, refrigeration apparatus, or fire apparatus in the ROW on Miracle Mile or Giralda Plaza
  • Not include umbrellas clipped, zipped or fastened together

How to submit for the Sidewalk Cafe permit:

Step 1.

Download the Sidewalk Café Manual (Application, Restrictive CovenantPre-Approved Locations, Pre-Approved Furniture)

Select proposed outdoor furniture (pre-approved options or unique furniture).

Sketch a site plan that shows the locations of proposed tables, chairs, umbrellas, plants, etc on sidewalk.

Refer to the Sidewalk Café application and Zoning Code Sections 4-206.B.4 (BID Overlay District) or 5-119 for requirements.

Step 2.

Since the Sidewalk Café is located on the public right-of-way, a "Landlord/Tenant or Property Owner’s Encroachment & Restrictive Covenant" is required to be submitted.

Deliver covenant with original signatures to the City Attorney’s Office

Carol Smith: Phone: (305) 460-5338 email:

Address: 405 Biltmore Way, 3rd Floor, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Step 3.

Submit 2 copies of the entire Sidewalk Café application.

(site plan, photographs, location of property, furniture selection and Landlord/Tenant or Property Owner’s Encroachment & Restrictive Covenant) to Board of Architects, 405 Biltmore Way, 3rd Floor.

Step 4.

After Board of Architects approval and permit number is issued by Building Department (405 Biltmore Way, 3rd Floor), checkout both permit applications to submit to Miami-Dade County DERM and WASA for review and approval.

Step 5.

With DERM and WASA approval, return both permit applications to Building Department for permit review, approval, and issuance of permit and certificate.


Beginning September 1st:

To better serve our Coral Gables Building Department we are implementing a new and improved permitting software that will help facilitate permit submittals and reviews. This will provide a user friendly customer experience along with an improved look! We thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to providing a more streamlined approach and improved experience. 

****Important information regarding COVID-19****

 COVID-19 and construction site guidelines.

You may also schedule your inspections online through our website.

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