FAQs for Sidewalk Café Permits

No. All open-air dining on the sidewalk or anywhere in the public right-of-way will need to apply for a new Sidewalk Café permit in EnerGov. The steps to apply are included on the website.

Yes, if the requested space for seating is provided on the sidewalk and does not include parking spaces or other spaces that the Zoning Code prohibits. If the COVID permit has both sidewalk and parking spaces illustrated on the site plan, the plan may be revised by indicating the request is only for the sidewalk seating.

The sidewalk café should be within the width of the storefront unless a consent letter is submitted from the neighboring owner and tenant. A minimum of five feet clear is required to be maintained on the sidewalk between the storefront and the sidewalk café, or ten feet on Miracle Mile or Giralda Plaza. For Giralda Plaza restaurants, five feet clear from the centerline of Giralda must be maintained to allow a total of ten feet clear for the entire length of Giralda. In addition, five feet clear must be maintained between the front door to the street. The number of seats for any restaurant is determined by what DERM has approved for the total amount of seats allowed for the restaurant (E.g. if DERM approved 30 seats for the restaurant and 26 seats are already accommodated indoors, then only 4 seats will be allowed in the sidewalk café).

Contact Rudy Perez, Chief Plumbing Official, at (305) 460-5259 or rperez2@coralgables.com.

The DERM Plan Review Section (West Office) is located at 11805 SW 26th St. or can be reached at (786) 315-2800.

After you have registered with EnerGov, you will need to upload:

  1. A site plan that illustrates the location of the proposed tables and chairs;
  2. Interior floor plan illustrating restrooms facilities and interior and exterior occupant load;
  3. Furniture selection (either pre-approved or special design);
  4. Signed/finalized Landlord/Tenant or Property Owner’s Encroachment & Restrictive Covenant; and
  5. Proof of insurance. Additional information may be requested to clarify the number of seats approved by DERM, location of restaurant, existing conditions, etc.

A survey will only be requested by a reviewer to confirm the property lines or other existing conditions.

No, signed and sealed plans are not required.

No. Only restaurants can apply for a sidewalk café permit. However, if a non-restaurant is fronting Miracle Mile or Giralda Plaza, and has a liquor license, they may request from the City Manager the ability to apply at a public hearing from the City Commission, per Sec. 6-4(c) of the City Code.

All sidewalk café permits are to be submitted digitally and online using the city’s EnerGov software for the “Zoning Commercial – Sidewalk Café” permit type. After clicking “Apply” and “Apply for Permit,” scroll to the very bottom of the Zoning Commercial permits and click “Apply” to the right of the “Zoning Commercial – Sidewalk Café” permit type. After you have registered with EnerGov and verified your email address, follow the prompts.

The application fee is a one-time $250 fee. In addition, a fee of $15 per square foot will be charged for the area of the sidewalk that is being covered with the proposed tables and chairs. The $15 per square foot fee will be charged biannually (every two years) to maintain the permit approval.

Measure how much space your table and chairs occupy on the sidewalk and multiply by the number of tables/chairs. 

Planters are only allowed along the curb edge or sides of the sidewalk café as buffers to not discourage the free use of the tables or chairs by the general public. Umbrellas must be taller than 6 feet, 8 inches and cannot be clipped, zipped or otherwise fastened. Signage is not allowed anywhere within the sidewalk café.

An active Certificate of Use (CU) is required and verified prior to the review of the submitted plans.

The addresses in EnerGov are linked to the addresses provided in Miami-Dade County’s Property Appraiser information. Try the building’s address instead or input the property on the County’s website.

This is requesting the cost of construction. In this case, you can put "0".