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City Commission

About The commission-manager form of government allows the city's residents to elect a five-member City Commission charged with providing community leadership and developing policies to guide the City

November 24, 2021

Michael Mena

Bio Michael Mena was appointed Vice Mayor of the City of Coral Gables in April 2021. He was first elected in 2017 for a two-year term and, in 2019, was re-elected automatically to a four-year term

December 17, 2021

Kirk R. Menendez

Bio Kirk R. Menendez was elected Coral Gables City Commissioner in April 2021. He is a long-time community volunteer. For more than 40-years, he has dedicated much of his time to advocating for and

December 17, 2021

Mayor Lago's Memos

Mayor Lago's Memos & More

April 17, 2022