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Development Services

About The Development Services Department oversees the Building, Planning & Zoning, and Code Enforcement Divisions, as well as the Board of Architects. The Building Division is in charge of the

Apply and Search for Permits

Visit our electronic submittal guide for more information. All plan submittals and permit applications must be submitted electronically, including signatures. Going to visit the Development Services

Development Projects

A map service of the large development projects within the City of Coral Gables


Be redirected to the city's Energov portal to search for all inspections.

Paint My Home

Apply for a permit to paint your home.

Zoning Code and Map

The City of Coral Gables, in conjunction with Gridics, LLC, has launched a comprehensive zoning code and map platform. The applications within the platform include the City’s Zoning Code, an

Applications, Forms, and General Information

Applications, forms & general information relating each division of the Development Services department, including access to the portal to pay permit application fees.

Alternative Plan Review and Inspection

Alternative Plan Review & Inspection Please note* *New state and county ordinances have changed, and the information on this page is pending. Phased Permitting: The Florida Building Code, Section 105


About Concurrency is a mechanism to ensure public facilities are in place and available to serve new development. Pursuant to Florida Statutes and the City of Coral Gables Comprehensive Plan

Code Enforcement Division

About Code Enforcement is a division of the Development Services Department that is committed to working with citizens in a joint effort to preserve and improve the quality of life in the City of