Finance Department

The Finance Department safeguards the fiscal integrity of the City, working with the City Commission, City Manager and the public to support all city departments


The Finance Department safeguards the fiscal integrity of the city, reports accurate and timely financial information to the City Commission, the City Manager and the public, and provides financial management and record-keeping support to all the city departments to enable them to carry out their duties efficiently.



Billing, collection and processing of all taxes and fees (alarm service, lease, special assessments)

Economic Development

Financial Reporting and Operations

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) and Quarterly Financial Report

Financial Reporting and Operations
City Attorney's Office

Management, Budget, and Compliance

Budget reports, capital improvements, and internal audit information

Management, Budget, and Compliance

Procurement Division

The Procurement Division is responsible for providing city departments with supplies, equipment, and services necessary to perform city activities. This division is charged with the responsibility of professional purchasing, including development and review of bid specifications, administration of the formal bid process, contract administration, and sale of fixed assets.


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