Join us for an immersive journey through art and ecology at EcoExpressions: Guided Art Walk. This enlightening event is scheduled for Friday, May 17, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., offering a unique blend of artistic exploration and environmental consciousness. This is a free city event and tickets are not required to attend. Join us at Giralda Plaza at 5:30 p.m. where we will begin the tour.

Event Highlights:

Start at Giralda Plaza 

  • Our walk begins at the captivating The Water Below Us installation, where art meets technology through an augmented reality (AR) interaction, inviting you to dive into the depths of South Florida's water source and its challenges. Discuss the creative process with artist Nicolas Vasquez and how this temporary installation took shape.

Stroll to The Plaza Coral Gables

  • Continue the adventure either on foot or by trolley to witness the striking Rey del Tequila (King of Tequila) sculpture by Leonora Carrington 
  • See how nature and art meet at the Monumental Ritual Bench and Radiant Table with Lanterns installation by Michele Oka Doner, each piece echoing the themes of sustainability and purposeful art.

Conclude at ArteVivo Gallery

  • The tour culminates in the vibrant atmosphere of the ArteVivo gallery, where you’ll be guided through a collection of thought-provoking artworks. 
  • Enjoy complimentary wine as you reflect on the intersection of creativity and environmental stewardship.

This event is more than just an art walk; it’s an opportunity to engage with the community, discuss vital environmental issues, and appreciate how art can be a powerful medium for change. Don’t miss this chance to see how artists envision a better world through their work. 

Event Partners: City of Coral Gables, Blue Mission, ArteVivo Gallery, The Plaza Coral Gables, Lowe Art Museum and O, Miami.