Coral Gables offers stunning waterways which need to be managed by the Public Works department.

To report fish kill or algae bloom:

Report environmental complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

City Water Quality Projects

Floating Wetlands Project with FIU

In collaboration with Florida International University (FIU), the city has installed two floating treatment wetlands -- a type of nature-based infrastructure on the waterway along Blue Road and Taragona Drive. These floating mats support plant growth on top of water and uptake the dissolved nutrients that can pollute our canals. Like a wetland where plants help clean the water passing through, these floating mats help clean the water they are placed in. The more the plants grow, the more nutrients they remove also known as phytoremediation. This is a 12-week study that tests the viability of several flowering plants in both fresh and slightly saline canals. To learn more about FIU and Coral Gables water quality research projects, please visit the FIU Wetland Ecosystems Research Lab website.

Virtual Community Discussion on Water and Water Quality

On November 5, 2020 the City of Coral Gables held a virtual community discussion on water and water quality. Below are the presentations and a link to the recording of that meeting.  

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