Community Recreation Master Plan FAQ

A System Master Plan is a strategic guide that outlines the goals and vision of a community’s parks, recreation and greenway system. It is the broadest public document for parks and recreation and typically sets forth a long-range vision and implementation plan.


The new Master Plan will align with the Coral Gables Community Recreation’s Comprehensive Plan and Levels of Service (LOS) maps, to create a road map for staff to plan and fund the needs of the community. Existing policies and actions items that have been defined for accessible parks, greenways, open spaces, and natural areas, will receive a new look focused on expanding the responsibilities of the Community Recreation Department  to achieve and meet the needs of a diversifying population of residents. It is critical that a fresh look be taken in order to guide the future of the Department successfully for the next fifteen years. 

By owning a home or business, or visiting the City of Coral Gables, each action is an investment in the success of this community. If you would like things to stay the same, your input is needed as change is happening. If you want change, your input is needed in order to identify what are the community’s priorities for upcoming changes.

The Coral Gables Community Recreation and Youth Center Master Plan planning process will be approximately twelve (12) months in duration. 
The process has begun and includes five main phases:

  • Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Needs and Priorities Assessment
  • Long Range Vision
  • Strategic Plan
  • Final System Master Plan

Adoption of a final publicly vetted System Master Plan is targeted for Winter 2019.

The City of Coral Gables Community Recreation Department is working closely with a team of planning consultants who bring national expertise and local knowledge to the planning process. In addition, public participation plays a key role in the planning effort with residents and visitors providing input and feedback throughout each phase of the project. The Parks, Waterway, Landscape Beautification, Senior and Youth Advisory Boards are also guiding the development of the project. Each phase of the planning document will be posted online for public input and review as well.


The most important thing you can do is to participate in the planning process. Help us network this important planning process through emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc., with friends, family and co-workers.

Yes, feel free to participate in as many events as you would like. Even if you can participate for an hour, please feel free.

Be sure to visit our website for more information, discussion topics and ideas. This website will be active throughout the entire planning process. Draft sections of the report will be posted on this website. Bookmark it and keep visiting!