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Year 2012

CAO 2012-028 Encroachment Agreement/Restrictive Covenant City-Owned Building

CAO 2012-027 Request For Accommodation Regarding Bulk Pick Up

CAO 2012-026 Memo On Liens For Unpaid Code Enforcement Fines ; Citing Trucks On Swale Where Truck Does Not Belong To Adjacent Property Owner

CAO 2012-025 Position Of City Architect

CAO 2012-024 Waste Fee For Auxiliary Unit

CAO 2012-023 Construction Wrap

CAO 2012-022 Fruit Picking Off City Tree

CAO 2012-021 Florida Building Code

CAO 2012-020 City Collecting Fee For Event Serving Municipal Purpose

CAO 2012-019 UM Community Relations Committee

CAO 2012-018 Palace Amendment - Street Lights

CAO 2012-017 Coral Gables Ad/Articles

CAO 2012-016 City Manager Ability To Delegate Responsibility On Tree Protection Appeals Committee

CAO 2012-015 Effective Date Of An Ordinance

CAO 2012-014 Amendment Within Scope Of Prior Resolution

CAO 2012-013 Merrick House Governing Board Use Of Merrick House Trust Fund Money For Events

CAO 2012-012 Cone Of Silence Violations By Downtown Towing

CAO 2012-011 Use Of Google Earth For A Code Violation

CAO 2012-010 Changes To Local Business Tax Fees Resolution 2011-142

CAO 2012-009 University Of Miami Lobbyist Registration Fee

CAO 2012-008 Section 18 Of City Charter - Initiative And Referendum

CAO 2012-007 Special Master Consideration To Mitigate Fines

CAO 2012-006 Signs In City-Owned Rights-Of-Way

CAO 2012-005 Commission Has Authority To Make An Ordinance Effective Whenever It Determines It Should Be Effective

CAO 2012-004 Appeal: Code Enforcement Board

CAO 2012-003 Chairperson Of A Board Can Appear Before City Commission To Provide Board’s Recommendations

CAO 2012-002 House Issue In Hammock Lakes Built 8 Inches Above Crown Of Road

CAO 2012-001 Agreement Not Fully Executed Due To No Approval By City Commission