Undergrounding Project Construction Updates


April 12, 2024: The next phase planned by FPL for overhead to underground conversion under FPL’s Storm Secure Underground Program (SSUP) is shown in the area in red below. This area is located approximately at the NW corner of the Coral Gables municipal limits. Design is underway and public outreach to area residents (FPL customers) has begun. Construction in this area is expected to begin in year 2025. 

Map with designated areas in red

The areas shown in blue and orange below are also in early design, and public outreach to area residents (FPL customers) is commencing, with construction anticipated to begin in 2025 as well. This phase is located in the area south, and immediately east, of the Biltmore zone (blue area) and west of the Riviera zone (orange).  

Map with designated areas in blue and orange

December 1, 2023: FPL continues to work on the initial construction and previous update (see Jan. 18). FPL will also begin the design and planning for the following work in 2024. Links to the maps are bulleted below. Please note the actual work will begin in 2025.

Jan. 18, 2023: Later this month, FPL intends to start the undergrounding construction work in the first sub-phases of neighborhood laterals tied to Feeder #800442. This sub-phase project area outlined in green is bounded by US-1, LeJeune Road, Sansovino Avenue, and Riviera Drive. All needed easements for this sub-phase are in-hand. FPL's contractor has all the necessary permits. FPL advises it has four (4) other similar sub-phases ready to go and will be moving forward on these within the next few months. FPL expects each sub-phase to take 10 to 12 weeks to complete.

Green outline of sub-phase 1 of FPL's undergrounding plans