Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB)


The Sustainability Advisory Board (formerly the Green Task Force) is hereby created for the purpose of promoting environmental sustainability for the City, which is a way of living and conducting business to ensure a quality of life for the future of Coral Gables. The Advisory Board shall make non-binding recommendations for taking environmentally progressive actions within the City in support of promoting environmental sustainability, in addition:

(A)  The Advisory Board shall recommend items identified in the adopted Sustainability Master Plan as priorities as well as track the implementation of the Plan.

(B)  The Advisory Board shall make recommendations with regard to (i) improving the environmental sustainability of City programs, services, equipment and facilities, (ii) increasing the awareness of issues of environmental sustainability with the residents and businesses located in the City, and (iii) encouraging increased environmentally conscious activities by the residents and businesses located in the City; and

(C)  The Advisory Board shall make recommendations with regard to possible incentives for residents, businesses, and organizations to practice environmental conservation, water and energy conservation, green development, recycling, the reduction of waste, the improvement of energy efficiency, the preservation of green spaces, the use of nonpolluting transportation alternatives where possible, xeriscaping, and other measured to help reduce pollution and keep our environment healthy for future generations; and

(D)  The Advisory Board shall make recommendations with regard to goals, criteria, strategies, and Green Building Standards for the City for green building design, including energy and water efficient construction, in the City consistent with standards propounded by the Florida Building Code, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the U.S. Green Building council (USGBC), and other leading groups setting forth standards on economic sustainability.


The advisory board shall be comprised of a total of eleven (11) members, five (5) of which shall be appointed by the commission. Each of the commissioners shall appoint one (1)  member for a total of five (5), and the board as a whole is required to appoint one member at large and a youth appointment. The city manager shall appoint the one (1) member. The University of Miami shall appoint one (1) representative as a member, Florida International University shall appoint one (1) representative as a member, and the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce shall appoint one (1) representative as a member. The members appointed by the University of Miami, Florida International University, and the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce shall be exempt from the residency requirements of Section 2-146. Members are required to have basic knowledge of sustainability and environmental issues, and most of all, are motivated and have a high level of interest in helping move the city in a more sustainable and environmentally focused direction.

Appointment and Removal 

That the Advisory Board members' terms of office shall be retroactive to June 1, 2019 That the term of each Member shall be for a two-year period commencing on June 1st of odd years. Appointments for the replacement of any Member or to fill a vacancy shall be for the unexpired term.


That the Advisory Board shall hold one regular meeting each month and special meetings at such times as the Advisory Board may determine, at the call of the Chairman or the Secretary. If there is no business to conduct, a meeting need not be held, however, the Advisory Board must meet at least semi-annually to remain active. All meetings of the Advisory Board shall be open to the public, and a written summary of the proceedings shall be kept showing its action on each question considered, and such record shall be filed in the office of the Secretary and submitted to the City Commission.