Certified Green Businesses


The University of Miami

The STARS program allows UM to track the progress of the sustainability initiatives. One of the University's most significant achievements in recent years was the opening of the first LEED Platinum three floor building in higher education institutions in the region. With a 70 KW photovoltaic system, electro chromatic windows, and a rainwater harvesting system that connects to the toilets flushing system, the new Frost School of Music Studio is regarded as a benchmark building. Since 2008, all new buildings are LEED certified with a Silver rating as a minimum, event though, in the last three years, most of the University’s new constructions have reached a LEED Gold standard. 


University of Miami

Find out more about the University of Miami's recognition as a Platinum Green Business and their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

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Andromeda District

Andromeda District is a company that specializes in the design and development of natural spaces. Their mission is to offer first class expertise in the installation of green living walls systems while promoting sustainability. All of their plants are Florida grown and support the local agricultural sector at the same time creating jobs locally. 


Coral Gables Art Cinema

The Art Cinema has proven its commitment to sustainability by becoming a certified bike-friendly business, implementing a recycling program, purchasing sustainable/recycled products, and using timers to turn off lights after hours. The cinema has also gone paperless and is an incredible partner of the city’s Keep Coral Gables Beautiful program.


Lovvett is a digital marketplace helping food businesses reduce their waste. We do it by connecting them with consumers willing to buy their fresh edible surplus at a discount. It is the first app in Miami that allows consumers to buy delicious food at around 50% while helping local restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores to sell their fresh surplus. 


Lovvett have been certified Silver as a Coral Gables Green Business for their efforts to reduce environmental impact of food waste and educate the public on the issue.

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Quirch Foods

Quirch Foods is committed to Doing Well By Doing Good™ through continuous improvement in its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. They participate in round table discussions of supply chains with National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs), and are working to convert their retail packaged goods to recyclable materials. Quirch Foods intends to package over 90% of all its brands in eco-conscious packaging by 2028. In their office, they sort their daily garbage for recycling, have switched to chlorine free/recycled paper for the office, have LED lighting throughout, and encourage its employees to take alternative transportation and/or telecommute. 


Barakat + Bossa

Barakat + Bossa, a paperless law firm located in Coral Gables, has been certified as a Bronze Coral Gables Green Business. As part of their company’s core values they look at different ways to reduce their operational impact on the environment including looking at waste minimization such as recycling, eliminating single use items in the office and are committed to energy conservation. They also encourage employees to use alternative transportation such as telecommuting, biking to work, using ride share services or carpooling.

Avion Auto Spa

Avion Auto Spa is a mobile auto detailing company whose core mission is to provide high quality service while also being environmentally conscious. The company utilizes steam vapor technology which uses small amounts of water. In most cases it takes less than 1 gallon of water to detail a vehicle. The company also provides discounts to encourage multiple vehicles to be detailed in one location reducing both their fuel consumption and that of its’ customers. Avion also uses ecofriendly cleaning products and washes and reuses cleaning supplies (microfiber rags, water jugs, etc.)

Jelly Places

Jelly Places is a digital platform that enables people to book desirable places to work, meet, and connect at any time and everywhere. Jelly Places encourages reduction of CO2 emissions by encouraging people to drive less because places to work, meet, and connect will be within close proximity. They also promote reduced material use by utilizing otherwise underutilized space/places. Congratulations Jelly Places for achieving Bronze level Coral Gables Green Business Certification.  

Jelly Places

Jelly Places achieved Bronze certification through their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions in their own workforce and overall environmental impact.

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