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Rainy Season Reminders

With the 2024 hurricane season quickly approaching, the City of Coral Gables wants to share a few reminders for the summer.

Not all flooding is the same.

  • Flooding is the overflow of water onto land that is normally dry, impacting travel and posing a risk to property. Floods can happen during heavy rains.
  • Nuisance ponding refers to temporary, shallow inundation that does not pose significant threats to public safety or property.
  • It is acceptable for swales, the grass between homes and the street, to experience "ponding" to collect runoff water. Ponding is the result of rainwater draining more slowly than the swale allows but when more rainwater enters than can be stored, flooding may occur.

To combat flooding, we urge you to please keep storm drains clear of litter, debris and/or green matter. To report signs of flooding in your area, please visit the Citizen Request Center.

Learn more about the city's approach to flooding here.