Preliminary Bid Results


The information contained in the attached project log(s) only reflects the preliminary bid results received for the referenced project. This information does not represent a final determination of responsiveness or responsibility necessary to recommend a final award.  The final results will be posted after the evaluation process has concluded and an official award notification is issued.



Project Receipt Log - IFB 2024-010 Plumbing Services [PDF] Project Receipt Log - IFB 2024-014 Outboard Boat Motors (Yamaha) [PDF] Project Receipt Log - IFB 2024-011 Licensed Electrical Contractor [PDF] Project Receipt Log - IFB 2024-009 Landscape Services (King's Bay Community) [PDF] Project Receipt Log - RFQT 2024-012 Outdoor Patio Tables and Chairs (Venetian Pool) [PDF] Project Receipt Log - RFQ 2024-007 Transportation Planning and Engineering Consulting Services [PDF]