Passport Services


Emergency Passports

For emergency passport services, please call the Passport Agency at 1 (877) 487-2778 or visit their website at www.Travel.State.Gov.

Emergency Passports

Preparation and Information

The City of Coral Gables Passport Acceptance Facility provides passport services for U.S. passports. Applications are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Appointments are only available 30 days in advanceFor more information on passports, please visit the U.S. Department's Passport Services website or call 1 (877) 487-2778.

  • Photo service is provided on site 
  • Hours of operation are between 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday, and 8:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday 
  • Click here for US passport processing times
  • For more information of passport processing click here

Manage Your Appointment

Complete Application and Collect Documents 

Application and documents vary based upon applicant's age and circumstances. Review and follow instructions carefully to avoid delays in processing. The State Department has listed the necessary documents needed as well as the form you must fill out on their website. You must bring these documents and the completed form with you to our office. 

Prepare Payment

Please Note: The City of Coral Gables Passport Acceptance Facility has a separate processing fee from the federal passport fee. You will need one (1) cash, check or money order to pay the fee to The U.S. Department of State and cash, credit card or money order to pay the $35 Application Execution Fee**. 

Type of PassportRegular Service (Up to 10 Weeks)Expedited ServiceApplication Execution Fee 
Adult Passport Book$130$190$35
Adult Passport Card$30$90$35
Adult Passport Book & Card$160$220$35
Child Passport Book$100$160$35
Child Passport Card$15$75$35
Child Passport Book & Card$115$176$35
Overnight Return Mail Service$19.53$19.53$19.53
Overnight Mail to the Dept. of State$24.47$24.47$24.47
Passport Photo$15

After I Apply

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