Innovation and Technology

The Innovation Technology Department (CGIT) provides Coral Gables with reliable, sustainable, and innovative technical services.

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The Innovation and Technology Department provides the city with reliable, sustainable technical services and innovative solutions that bring value to the organization and its constituents, and enhance business processes and effectiveness for all departments.

CGIT also helps departments achieve accreditation and compliance with federal, state, county, city and industry standards and regulations. CGIT plays an important role in facilitating communication between employees, constituents and stakeholders; fostering innovation and collaboration, expediting tasks, increasing productivity and operational efficiencies, assessing and managing risks, and enhancing the delivery of citizen services.


The applications division is responsible for developing and managing over 200 software applications used within the city administration and provides solutions to the city using Business Intelligence (BI) information technology and tools.

Customer Support & GIS

The Customer Support and GIS division manages the helpdesk, the GIS analytical and intelligence tool, the Crime Intelligence Center (CIC) monitoring and managing public servicing video devices located throughout the City, the Field Service supporting the day to day operations of all city departments and content management, assisting in the design, development and maintenance of digital content across the city.


The systems division manages Servers and Clients infrastructure, including desktop and mobile computer hardware, tablets and smartphones devices, operating systems, system management utilities, Internet of Things (IoT) and client-server infrastructure, Databases and Storage maintaining database and storage system infrastructure and high-availability and Cloud computing and Virtualization which includes private and external cloud services, server and client virtualization and hyper-convergence systems that provide a platform for a smart city ecosystem, reduce infrastructure footprint, increase interoperability, scalability, mobility, accessibility and availability of systems, services and applications.

Network & Telecommunications

The network and telecommunication division manages Network and Security including networking infrastructure and cybersecurity as well as Telecommunications, supporting and managing more than 200 networks connection and endpoint devices

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Raimundo Rodulfo

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