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The Coral Gables Fire Department is comprised of the Office of the Fire Chief and three divisions.

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The Coral Gables Fire Department provides 24-hour emergency services, 365 days a year. In addition to the traditional service of fire suppression, the department also provides advanced and basic life support emergency medical services and transport, rescue operations, fire prevention, life safety inspections, public education, emergency management, and public information.

Services are provided to the Coral Gables community via three fire stations. The Coral Gables Fire Department has a chief administrative officer (fire chief) supported by a management team consisting of one deputy chief, three division chiefs, and one administrative supervisor.

Fire department team

Fire Department Community Services

In addition to the traditional Fire and Emergency Medical Services offered by the Coral Gables Fire Department, the department also offers a range of community service programs

Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for plans review, public education, fire/life safety inspections, enforcement of the Life Safety/Fire Safety Code, special events, and public service announcements.


Logistics & Capital Planning Division

The division is responsible for delivery of emergency services via three battalions, with an average of 42 personnel assigned to each battalion. The Operations Division coordinates with the Fire Prevention Division and the Professional Standards Division to schedule daily activities.


Professional Standards Division

The Professional Standards Division is responsible for all emergency medical, fire suppression, driver engineer, officer, and recruit training. The Division also oversees certification maintenance, research and development, safety, quality assurance, and public education. 


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