Electronic Submittal Guide

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Video tutorials in English and Spanish explaining how to submit a permit online.

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Digital Signing and Sealing

Digital signing and sealing of drawings and documents requires the use of PDF software with a Digital ID installed from the following trusted agencies:

Digitally created seals may also be added to the drawings and documents. Most PDF software include required text within the trust certificate.

When a digitally created seal is used:

Digitally created seal

When a digitally created seal is not used:

Digitally created seal NOT used


Licensed Professionals - Preparing Your Files

Use the guide below to properly name your files for digital submittals.

Digital Submittal Standards

General Instructions and guidlines

To better streamline the process, we are mirroring the Miami-Dade County naming conventions. Please review these instructions and guidelines before completing the Permit Application Submission form. Ensure that you are using Google Chrome as your web browser.  

All forms and applications

  1. For a new submittal of permit application(s) and plans please have the following ready,
    1. Permit Application with required signatures and notarization.
  2. Requirements for submitting plans and supporting documentation are as follows:
    1. All drawings and supporting documents in the plan package must be in PDF format.
    2. PDF files shall not be encrypted, or password protected.
    3. Adobe Portfolio PDF types are not accepted.
    4. All plan pages must contain a scale.

Naming Conventions and Uploading Documents

  1. File names shall not contain: 
    1. Large spaces
    2. Special characters such as: parenthesis “( )”; double periods “..”; question marks “?”; etc.
  2. Plan must be submitted as one PDF per plan sheet.
  3. Calculations, NOAs, Application, and Supporting Documents can be submitted as multiple pagePDFs. Name these files accordingly. Some examples:
    1. NOA: NOA- NOA number- NOA type
    2. Energy and Heat Load: Energy and Heat Load
    3. Structural Calculations: Structural Calculations
  4. The discipline is the primary method of classification for file names. Each file must contain the discipline code as the first letter of the file name, followed by a numerical field that closely corresponds to the sheet sequence number.
    1. Do's:
      1. A-101.pdf
      2. M-1.pdf
      3. E-1.pdf
      4. P-1.pdf
    2. Don'ts: 
      1. 405 Biltmore Way- Architectural v1.pdf
      2. E-1 – Existing Demo proposed floor plan.pdf

Uploading Corrections

Please review these instructions and guidelines before completing your upload for corrections.

  1. There will be a “Resubmit” button under the document that is being requested to upload (see image below). This will take you to the Corrections wizard.
  2. For reworks the corrected files shall be named the same as the original.
  3. Only submit the sheets requiring corrections (do not resubmit the entire plan set). Uploading the entire set may cause your project to be reviewed again and generate unnecessary permitting delays.
  4. Please follow all the original digital submittal guidelines.
Adobe logo- Signed and Sealed Plans/Survey. Blue button at the bottom says Resubmit