Flags Programs

A city-run program that collects U.S. flags that have been retired due to age or usage, and also offers American flags that have flown over Coral Gables City Hall for purchase.

City-flown Flags

Coral Gables residents have always loved their hometown and their country. Now, you can show off that patriotism with a unique and powerful emblem — a United States flag that has flown over Coral Gables City Hall. Flags will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with an option to purchase a display case.

To purchase a flag that has flown over City Hall, visit GablesShop.com.

Flag Retirement

A flag is ready for retirement if it is worn, damaged or stained beyond repair. As part of the new flag program, the city offers receptacles for residents and businesses to deposit their worn-out flags for proper and respectful disposal. 

If you determine your flag is not in good enough condition to be flown or displayed, you can drop it off in the drop box (pictured below) in the lobby of the Police and Fire Headquarters, 2151 Salzedo St.

Flag receptacle in Police and Fire Headquarters