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Coral Gables Television

CG TV Live Stream

You can participate in Live Remote Public Comments at a City Commission Meeting! 

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The CGTV Weekly Programming is available upon request. Please send us your email at

For more videos on demand, please visit the Coral Gables YouTube Channel

Podcast Archive of Coral Gables residents and business owners: 

Episode 1: MARY SNOW, Executive Director of the Coral Gables Community Foundation 10/02/2019

Episode 2: BARBARA STEIN, Co-founder of Actor's Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre 10/16/2019

Episode 3: STEVEN KRAMS, Founder of the Coral Gables Art Cinema 11/05/2019                  

Episode 4: KAREN BUCHSBAUM, Chairman of PR for The Villagers, Inc. 11/15/2019                        

Episode 5: JILL HORNIK, Jae's Jewelers Partner and Gemologist, 12/17/2019                                   

Episode 6: ESTRELLITA SIBILA, Co-Owner of Sibila Lage, PLLC, Real Estate Law Firm, 01/27/2020   

Episode 7: JUDY MANGASARIAN - President of the Coral Gables Garden Club 03/02/2020