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Year 2018

CAO 2018-036 Entrance Features in the City's Right-of Way

CAO 2018-035 Final Opinion Regarding Special Taxing Districts and Security Services As Amended

CAO 2018-034 Gables Station/Status of Underline Construction and Relation to Issuance of TCO

CAO 2018-033 2.5% COLA 

CAO 2018-032 Unified Parcel in Relation to the Development of Garages 1 and 4

CAO 2018-031 Legality of the City of Coral Gables Traffic and Vehicles Ordinances

CAO 2018-030 Pay and Benefits for Appointed Officials

CAO 2018-029 Amended Supplemental Funding for Restoration (Macfarlane Homestead Project

CAO 2018-028 Ordinance Procurement Exemption

CAO 2018-027 9300 Old Cutler Road - Maria Avenarius

CAO 2018-026 Operation of Bicycles on Florida Roads, Sidewalks Areas, and Bicycle Paths

CAO 2018-025 Special Taxing Districts and Security Services

CAO 2018-024 Operation of Motorized Scooters on Florida Roads, Sidewalks, Sidewalk Areas, and Bicycle Paths

CAO 2018-023 Board Member Conflict of Interest

CAO 2018-022 Firefighter -Use of Uniform in Campaign Literature

CAO 2018-021 Local Business Tax for Shared Mobility Devices

CAO 2018-020 235 Majorca Avenue

CAO 2018-019 Vendor Contributions

CAO 2018-018 Weidenfeld’s Outside Employment Request- Revisited

CAO 2018-017 LaSalle Dry Cleaners Lot SaleCAO

CAO 2018-016 Historic Preservation and the LaSalle Dry Cleaners Building

CAO 2018-015 Property Owned by a Foreign Government

CAO 2018-014 Sexual Offenders-1105 Wallace Street

CAO 2018-013 1206 Cordova - Non-Conforming Setback

CAO 2018-012 BID Construction Company and University of Miami - Coral Gables Campus

CAO 2018-011 4733 Santa Maria- Non Conforming Setback

CAO 2018-010 2907 Columbus Blvd - Non-Conforming Setback

CAO 2018-009 711 University Drive - Non-Conforming Setback

CAO 2018-008 UM Ponce Building

CAO 2018-007 790.33 - Firearms Regulation

CAO 2018-006 Starbucks Construction Project on Miracle Mile

CAO 2018-005 747/760 Ponce Settlement Public Hearing

CAO 2018-004 Use of Official Hangtags

CAO 2018-003 Venera Project Vote

CAO 2018-002 Weidenfeld Outside Employment Request

CAO 2018-001 Soliciting