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Year 2016

CAO 2016-095 Board Member and RFQ.

CAO 2016-094 City Historic Projects- Art Fees

CAO 2016-093 Civility Code

CAO 2016-092 Building Site Determination Opinion

CAO 2016-091 Charter Revisions Consistent with City Referendum Results

CAO 2016-090 Resign-to-Run Law

CAO 2016-089 Signs at Library Polling Location

CAO 2016-088 Proposed Pool at 315 Romano and Coral Gables Cottage Ordinance

CAO 2016-087 Zoning Application Process and Vested Rights

CAO 2016-086 Home Occupations

CAO 2016-085 Correction to Definition in Section 34-176 of the City Code

CAO 2016-084 Trailers in Kings Bay

CAO 2016-083 Nolle Prosse and Dismissals

CAO 2016-082 Justice Advocate Program/City Prosecutor

CAO 2016-081 915 Bayamo Avenue

CAO 2016-080 Starbucks' Appeal

CAO 2016-079 Compensation for Board of Architects Special Masters

CAO 2016-078 Turtle Case

CAO 2016-077 625 Almeria - Supplemental Authority

CAO 2016-076 Correction to Zoning Code Regarding Permit Requirements for Temporary Tents

CAO 2016-075 Bahamian Village Permit Fees

CAO 2016-074 City Prosecutor Opinion

CAO 2016-073 Constituent Jenna Kreiger residing at 7101 Old Cutler Road

CAO 2016-072 Solid Waste Cleanup Ordinance

CAO 2016-071 Motions for Reconsideration - Procedures

CAO 2016-070 Merrick House Project - AIPP fees

CAO 2016-069 Corrections to Zoning Code

CAO 2016-068 229 Ridgewood Road Appeal of Historic Designation

CAO 2016-067 Gables Station/Motion to Amend Ordinances and Resolution

CAO 2016-066 Artwork on Segovia

CAO 2016-065 Stacking on US-1 at 475 South Dixie Highway

CAO 2016-064 Hourly Hotel Rooms Prohibited in Coral Gables

CAO 2016-063 Dock PW -16-02-1956/1050 Lugo Avenue

CAO 2016-062 Amending Section 2-201(e)(9) of the City Code

CAO 2016-061 Construction Regulation Board Authority to Issue Subpoenas

CAO 2016-060 Lobbyist Registration

CAO 2016-059 Appeals- Publication Notice

CAO 2016-058 Lobbyist Registration

CAO 2016-057 Settlement Agreement with Astor Trolley, LLC

CAO 2016-056 Removal of Concrete Buttons Placed in the Swales by Residents without Permits

CAO 2016-055 Coral Gables City Code Sec.2-1059 (3)(b)(15) Cone of Silence

CAO 2016-054 Business Improvement District

CAO 2016-053 Zika Operational Plan

CAO 2016-052 Historic Wall

CAO 2016-051 129 Frow Avenue and 110 Oak Avenue Historic Landmarks Receiving Public Restoration Funds

CAO 2016-050 Scrivener's Error in Collective Bargaining Agreement

CAO 2016-049 ADA Coverage of Bed and Breakfast Establishments

CAO 2016-048 Location of Boatlifts

CAO 2016-047 Correcting Resolution 2016-148

CAO 2016-046 Attorney General Opinion on historically designated apartment buildings in Coral Gables

CAO 2016-045 Correcting Section 2-237 of the City Code

CAO 2016-044 Newsletters Issued by Sitting Commissioners

CAO 2016-043 1401 Pizarro Street-City Code section 2-201 (e)(1), (6), and (8)

CAO 2016-042 Employee Access to City Attorney's Office

CAO 2016-041 City Code sections 2-201 (e)(1) and (8) historical and legal perspective on Chapters 175 and 185 Premium Tax Revenues

CAO 2016-040 1002 Douglas Road - Confirmation of Permitted Density

CAO 2016-039 Residential Picketing Ordinance

CAO 2016-038 Lobbyist Ordinance

CAO 2016-037 3901 Alhambra Circle/Corrective Covenant and Pending Building Site Determination

CAO 2016-036 Request for Interpretation/Biltmore Manor

CAO 2016-035 Proposed Name Change for Bank United Center

CAO 2016-034 Hammock Lakes

CAO 2016- 033 Initiative and Referendum Process

CAO 2016-032 Zoning Enclosure

CAO 2016-031 611 N. Greenway Drive - FAR Issue

CAO 2016-030 Tree Succession Project Management

CAO 2016-029 Draft Ordinance No. 2016-26 (As Amended)

CAO 2016-028 Section 39-5 Scrivener's Error

CAO 2016-027 Dual Office Holding

CAO 2016-026 Final Decisions of the City Commission must be done by Resolution or Ordinance

CAO 2016-025 Concrete Button Ordinance

CAO 2016-024 Site Specific Lots 23-32 (701-711 Valencia Ave) CAO 2013-33

CAO 2016-023 6540 Marlin Drive-Park as a Permitted Use

CAO 2016-022 Agenda Item for Emergency Management Services

CAO 2016-021 Board of Architects Quasi-Judicial Hearing before a Special Master

CAO 2016-020 Solar Array

CAO 2016-019 Declaration of Restrictive Covenants -- 6801 Granada

CAO 2016-018 Tinta y Cafe-Settlement Proposal

CAO 2016-017 Ordinance No. 2010-34 replaced the UMCAD provisions, including the UMCAD Map and Text

CAO 2016-016 UM-Request for Administrative Modifications to Adopted Campus Master Plan

CAO 2016-015 Retroactive Polystyrene

CAO 2016-014 Noise-Deleting Chapter 38 of the City Code

CAO 2016-013 Cone of Silence

CAO 2016-012 PBA Lease

CAO 2016-011 Merrick Manor/Approval of Revised Development Plan

CAO 2016-010 Art Acquisition Fund

CAO 2016-009 Emergency Change Order for Venetian Pool

CAO 2016-008 Coral Gables Mediterranean Style Design Standards

CAO 2016-007 Nissan Charging Station Equipment Agreement

CAO 2016-006 Paseo de la Riviera Project

CAO 2016-005 Robert's Rule of Order

CAO 2016-004 Section 17 1/2 of the City Charter

CAO 2016-003 Permissible Activities by City Commissioner in Relation to His Sibling

CAO 2016-002 Sections 201 and 202 of the City Charter

CAO 2016-001 Art in Public Places