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Year 2015

CAO 2015-125 Development at 390 Bird Road

CAO 2015-124 Minutes Requesting Action

CAO 2015-123 Alice Aycock Sculptures

CAO 2015-122 Addendum to Dispute Resolution Agreement - Lisbon St.

CAO 2015-121 Preparation of Resolution Related to Commission Aide Position

CAO 2015-120 Actors Playhouse/Miracle Theater Repairs

CAO 2015-119 University of Miami Development Agreement

CAO 2015 118 Municipal Ordinances

CAO 2015-117 Hollub Separation of Building Sites

CAO 2015-116 Coral Gables Cinema Report

CAO 2015-115 Procedural Question About Commission Meetings and City Board Minutes

CAO 2015-114 Establishing a Labor Relations Officer

CAO 2015-113 Garage Sale Permits

CAO 2015-112 Casuarina Entrance

CAO 2015-111 Street Numbers

CAO 2015-110 Decorative Wraps

CAO 2015-109 Coral Gables Approves New Safety Protocol for Guardhouse Operators - Hammock Oaks

CAO 2015-108 Board Member Absences

CAO 2015-107 Postponement of Appeal

CAO 2015-106 1045 Castile Avenue

CAO 2015-105 Building Permit Fees

CAO 2015-104 Rules of Public Participation and Decorum

CAO 2015-103 Segovia Appeal

CAO 2015-102 Naming of Parks

CAO 2015- 101 Manager’s Authority to Exercise Renewal Options

CAO 2015-100 Art in Public Places

CAO 2015-099 Forfeiture Enforcement Policy

CAO 2015-098 Filing of Appeal Form

CAO 2015-097 Pension Contribution

CAO 2015-096 Filing of Appeal Form

CAO 2015-095 Sale of Surplus City Vehicles and Equipment

CAO 2015-094 Tax Collector and Property Appraiser's Ministerial Duties

CAO 2015-093 LB15-01 Presentation/Submission of Driver License

CAO 2015-092 Victim Assistance Program

CAO 2015-091-1 Outside Employment Opinion for Interim Police Chief

CAO 2015-091 20 E. Sunrise Avenue

CAO 2015-090 Deck Replacement

CAO 2015-089 Chief of Police

CAO 2015-088 Mulching in the City of Coral Gables

CAO 2015-087 Unity of Title

CAO 2015-086 Placement of Mailboxes within the City

CAO 2015-085 Art Sculptures in Segovia Circles

CAO 2015-084 Appeal Fee Waiver Petition

CAO 2015-083 Riviera Country Club – Demolition

CAO 2015-082 Leon: 600 and 620 Arvida, Gables Estates

CAO 2015-081 Walk Up Window Interpretation

CAO 2015-080 1019 Lisbon Street

CAO 2015-079 Cone of Silence

CAO 2015-078 Using Skype To Attend Meetings Of The Historic Preservation And Planning And Zoning Boards

CAO 2015-077 Parking Garage Redevelopment Pre-Proposal Conference

CAO 2015-076 Zoning Code Interpretation

CAO 2015-075 Continuance For Paseo De Riviera

CAO 2015-074 Police Athletic League (Pal)

CAO 2015-073 Correcting Scrivener’s Error

CAO 2015-072 Unity Of Title

CAO 2015-071 HIPPA

CAO 2015-070 Miami Today: Meeting Request Regarding Legal Advertising

CAO 205-069 Construction Staging

CAO 2015-068 Sign Code And Reed v. Town Of Gilbert

CAO 2015-067 Charitable Solicitations

CAO 2015-066 Solicitors

CAO 2015-065 Electronic Filing

CAO 2015-064 Content Neutral Restrictions

CAO 2015-063 Extension Of Term

CAO 2015-062 Clearing Of Land

CAO 2015-061 Ethics Code

CAO 2015-060 City Attorney Budget

CAO 2015-059 927 Valencia

CAO 2015-058 Adult Activity Center Item

CAO 2015-057 Azul Amendment To Settlement Agreement

CAO 2015-056 Applicability Of Historic Preservation Ordinance And Comprehensive Plan

CAO 2015-055 Bullhorns

CAO 2015-054 Response To Notice Of Violation - Coral Gables Preparatory Academy

CAO 2015-053 33 Alhambra Circle

CAO 2015-052 Lot Separation Issue - Request For Review Of Extension

CAO 2015-051 Outdoor Lighting

CAO 2015-050 2020 Salzedo - Narrative Of Changes

CAO 2015-049 Property At 6001 Mall Street

CAO 2015-048 Building A Car Port

CAO 2015-047 Health Facilities Authority

CAO 2015-046 Citywide Traffic Advisory Board

CAO 2015-045 Board Service - Term Limits

CAO 2015-044 Compensation Section Of The Code

CAO 2015-043 Board Appointments

CAO 2015-042 Zoning Determination

CAO 2015-041 Policy Regarding Time Period For Collecting Solid Waste Liens

CAO 2015-040 Baptist Health – Coral Gables Site

CAO 2015-039 Draft Legal Opinion – “Public Place” Definition

CAO 2015-038 No Motion On Bike Lanes On The Mile On February 18

CAO 2015-037 Music Video Information

CAO 2015-036 Approval Of Upcoming Travel

CAO 2015-035 Section 34-78

CAO 2015-034 Site Specific Zoning Regulations And Mediterranean Bonus

CAO 2015-033 Correction To Section 50-26(C) Of The City Code

CAO 2015-032 Unenclosed Private Balconies

CAO 2015-031 St. Augustus Church Bookstore

CAO 2015-030 Safe Streets Act Grant Application

CAO 2015-029 Fee Ordinance On Pit Bull Permit

CAO 2015-028 Individual Appointment To Retirement Board

CAO 2015-027 Campaign Contributions By Law Forms Hired As Outside Counsel To The Attorney’s Office

CAO 2015-026 Ground Leases And Permit Joinder

CAO 2015-025 Alley Vacation

CAO 2015-024 Tree Fine For Removal Of A Tree

CAO 2015-023 Coral Gables Congregational Church Sculpture

CAO 2015-022 Riviera Park Renaming

CAO 2015-021 Correction To Resolution

CAO 2015-020 Lot Coverage For 6510 San Vicente

CAO 2015-019 Publication Requirement

CAO 2015-018 Bid Protest

CAO 2015-017 Use Of Existing Agreement With Metro-Express

CAO 2015-016 Presentation Of Driver License’s Pursuant To Florida Statutes Section 322.15

CAO 2015-015 Sunshine Meeting Will Be Recessed Until 1:30 PM

CAO 2015-014 Hiring Of Assistant City Manager

CAO 2015-013 Violeta’s Pasteleria Retail Establishment And Not A Restaurant Pursuant To Section 2-201(E)(1) & (8)

CAO 2015-012 City Manager Has Authority Under Section 2-701 Of The Zoning Code To Allow The Temporary Use And Structure For An Additional Year

CAO 2015-011 Use Of City Seal By Outside Vendor

CAO 2015-010 Request For Public Records: On Controlled Choice Schools. Communications/Documents Between The City And Outside Counsel Are Exempt From Public Disclosure Under Section 199.071(1)(D) Of Florida Statues

CAO 2015-009 Attendance Boundary Procedure

CAO 2015-008 106 Florida Avenue – Adding Rear Wall

CAO 2015-007 Opinion On RFQ Questions

CAO 2015-006 Title VI Equity Analysis – Proposed Permanent Trolley Facility In The South Dixie Highway Location

CAO 2015-005 Agreement Regarding 110 Merrick

CAO 2015-004 Fire Department Grant Funded Procurement

CAO 2015-003 Determination Of City Code Regarding “Gutters”

CAO 2015-002 Alcohol License Request From Firefighters Association

CAO 2015-001 Gables Harbour Condominium