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Year 2014

CAO 2014-063 Invocation At An Upcoming Commission Meeting

CAO 2014-062 “Mixed Use” May Entail Medical Use And Retail Use

CAO 2014-061 “Form And Correctness” May Be Used Interchangeably With “Form And Legal Sufficiency”

CAO 2014-060 Iron Sushi – 2-Cop Alcoholic Beverage License

CAO 2014-059 Refund Of An Impact Fee May Be Granted Only Where Impact Fee Has Been Previously Paid – A-Loft Hotels

CAO 2014-058 New Architect Working On Abandoned Project

CAO 2014-057 Tenant Allowed On Temporary Construction Sign

CAO 2014-056 Re-Development Of Property With Mf2 Status

CAO 2014-055 Group Designation And Expiration Of Terms

CAO 2014-054 Jurisdiction Of County Owned Properties

CAO 2014-053 Plumber Building

CAO 2014-052 City Manager, City Pension

CAO 2014-051 Lending Donated Item For Public Purpose

CAO 2014-050 Ethics Training For Newly Elected Officials

CAO 2014-049 Meet With Individual On Legislative Matter

CAO 2014-048 Hiring Art Consultant, Exception To Procurement Code

CAO 2014-047 City Of Coral Gables Enforce Miami-Dade County Code

CAO 2014-046 Zoning Code Of Existing Biltmore Hotel Structure

CAO 2014-045 Process For A Resident To Place Item On Agenda

CAO 2014-044 Squatter Off Premises

CAO 2014-043 Appeal Hearing, No Transcript

CAO 2014-042 Sale Of Surplus City Property

CAO 2014-041 Tree Permit Appeal

CAO 2014-040 Special Event Notify Managers Office

CAO 2014-039 Appointed Officials Considered Excluded Employees

CAO 2014-038 Building Site Determination

CAO 2015-037 City Manager Appointment For Two Members Of City Staff To Be Members Of Retirement Board

CAO 2014-036 Variance Not Needed On Improvement

CAO 2014-035 Cone Of Silence

CAO 2014-034 Allowed Height Along Altara Avenue

CAO 2014-033 Multiple Board Members Attend Public Meeting, Voting On Chairman Position, Appearing Before Commission To Speak

CAO 2014-032 Police Officer Conduct Arrest On Probable Cause

CAO 2014-031 Chief Procurement Officer Has Authority To Dispose Of Trees

CAO 2014-030 Garage Being Added Next To Existing One

CAO 2013-029 Human Resource Director Speak With The Citys Health Insurance Consultant

CAO 2014-028 City Commissioners May Speak Directly With City Staff

CAO 2014-027 City Attorney Can Settle Disputes And Sign Settlement Agreements On Behalf Of The City

CAO 2014-026 Parking Director May Void A Parking Ticket

CAO 2014-025 City Has Discretion To Continue With Building Plan Review If Application Requests To Do So

CAO 2014-024 Legal Representation Policy Statement

CAO 2014-023 City Resident Right To Appeal

CAO 2014-022 Resigning From Office

CAO 2014-021 Amending An Existing Ordinance

CAO 2014-020 Maximum Height For Far In Mf2, Douglas Section

CAO 2014-019 Wild Animal On City Property

CAO 2014-018 Placement On Agenda

CAO 2014-017 Preserve Building After Approval For Demolition

CAO 2014-016 Forfeiture Funds To Pay Legal Fees

CAO 2014-015 Ability To Create The Position Of Commission Aide

CAO 2014-014 Public Records Request – Officer Parking

CAO 2014-013 Zoning Code Interpretation

CAO 2014-012 Discharging Firearm In Public Or Residential Property

CAO 2014-011 Jurats For Notarizations – Oaths V. Acknowledgments

CAO 2014-010 Maximum Gross Floor Area Permitted In Site’s Zoning

CAO 2014-009 Good Faith Estimate

CAO 2014-008 Privately Owned Parking Lot

CAO 2014-007 Demolition Permit For Non-Historic Property

CAO 2014-006 Coral Gables Library Advisory Board – Fundraising And Increase In Monthly Meetings

CAO 2014-005 Voting Conflicts – Size Of Class

CAO 2014-004 Pension Ordinance 50-246(A)(6)

CAO 2014-003 Correction To City Code Pursuant To Section 2-201(E)(9)

CAO 2014-002 Coral Gables Library Advisory Board –Monthly Meetings

CAO 2014-001 Um Impact Fees