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Year 2013

CAO 2013-059 City Business Tax Receipts For Complied Information

CAO 2013-058 Legal Sufficiency In Gun Range Contract

CAO 2013-057 Not Of Historical Significance – Not Time Sensitive

CAO 2013-056 Interpretation Of Section 5-119(A)(3) Of The Zoning Code

CAO 2013-055 Short-Term Rentals Of Single-Family Dwellings Within Single-Family Residential District, The Authority Of The Special Masters In Issuing An Order Commanding Compliance With A Zoning Code Ordinance

CAO 2013-054 Senior Advisory Board Quorum Issues

CAO 2013-053 Quorum Inquiry Regarding Library Advisory Board

CAO 2013-052 Pigeon Relocation

CAO 2013-051 Floating Dock

CAO 2013-050 Piggyback Contract

CAO 2013-049 Historic Preservation Board’s Voting Requirements

CAO 2013-048 Floating Watercraft Structures

CAO 2013-047 Retirement Plan – Composition Of Pension Board

CAO 2013-046 City Code Section 50-230(C) Interpretation

CAO 2013-045 Special Events Permit For Extensive Or Extraordinary Request For Use Of City Property

CAO 2013-044 Bumpers To Move Inoperable Vehicles From Roadway

CAO 2013-043 Memorandum Of Understanding – Operation Stonegarden

CAO 2013-042 CGPD SOP – Return Of Firearm

CAO 2013-041 Historic Preservation Board May Make Non-Binding Recommendations To Zoning And Planning Board

CAO 2013-040 City Policies On Public Testimony At Public Meetings

CAO 2013-039 Florida’s Public Records Legal Memorandum

CAO 2013-038 Analysis Of Public Records Law Exemptions Set Forth Under Florida Statutes § 768.28(16)(B), (C), And (D)

CAO 2013-037 Postponement Of An Appeal Of A Decision Of The Board Of Architects To The City Commission

CAO 2013-036 Florida’s Garnishment Law In Relation To The City Of Coral Gables’ Duties And Obligations

CAO 2013-035 Board Member Seeking Appointment As Special Magistrate

CAO 2013-034 Liens Must Be Recorded To Be Valid And Effective

CAO 2013-033 Coral Gables MFSA Standards

CAO 2013-032 Resign-To-Run As It Applies To Membership On The Coral Gables Merrick House Governing Board And Seeking Statewide Elective Office

CAO 2013-031 Response To Granada Presbyterian Church’s Temporary Parking Signage Request

CAO 2013-030 Limitations On The Prohibition Of Dual Office Holding As Set Forth In Article II, Section 5(A), Of The Florida Constitution

CAO 2013-029 6988 Sunrise Drive Meyers Residence Biscayne Bay Or Gables Waterway

CAO 2013-028 Tree Removal

CAO 2013-027 Question If Power Of Attorney Sufficiency

CAO 2013-026 Ability To Remove Signs Placed In The Public Right-Of-Way

CAO 2013-025 Using Home Address As Business Address Also

CAO 2013-024 Authorizing Resolution And Executed Contract Govern Not The RFP Response

CAO 2013-023 Determination Of 1% For Art In Public Places

CAO 2013-022 Accessory Use

CAO 2013-021 Scrivener’s Error- Section 46-41 Of Municipal Code

CAO 2013-020 Donation Policy

CAO 2013-019 Postponement Of An Appeal

CAO 2013-018 Alcoholic Beverage Sales

CAO 2013-017 Negotiations With Lowest Responsive/Responsible Bidder

CAO 2013-016 Home Occupation

CAO 2013-015 Prohibition On Recording Devices In Police Station

CAO 2013-014 Building Permit Expediters – Lobbyist Registration Legal Advice Request

CAO 2013-013 Rejection Of Payment Under Protest

CAO 2013-012 Tree Protection Appeal

CAO 2013-011 Coral Gables Congregational Church Parking

CAO 2013-010 Elimination Of Preempted Code Provisions Pursuant To Section 2-201(E)(9) Of The City Code

CAO 2013-009 Member Of Public On Agenda For A Personal Appearance

CAO 2013-008 Changes To Local Business Tax Fees

CAO 2013-007 Building Permit For New Home On A New Address

CAO 2013-006 Gables Station – Expiration Of Approvals

CAO 2013-005 Notice Of Commencement

CAO 2013-004 Fire Station Temporary

CAO 2013-003 Scrivener’s Error- Section 101-181 Of The City Code

CAO 2013-002 Revised Legal Opinion In Response To 12/26/2012 Request For Advisory Opinion: Residency Requirement

CAO 2013-001 Informational Sign On City Property