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Zeida C. Sardinas

Asset Manager · City Manager's Office


Zeida C. Sardinas serves as the asset manager for the City of Coral Gables. She is responsible for the development and management of city-owned leased properties as well as the acquisition and disposition of city-owned assets. She oversees compliance of city tenant leases and management/operation agreements, and manages tenant/operator, as well as public/private partnership business relationships to maximize the value of city assets.

Before joining Coral Gables in 2019, she held executive and administrative positions both in the private and public sector including the City of Doral, Florida International University, and private consulting firms. She holds a state of Florida real estate license and has worked in the industry since 2004.

Sardinas has more than 25-years of experience in business/fiscal management, public administration, government affairs, public policy, real-estate investment, asset management, building project management, publishing, and academia.

Sardinas holds a master’s degree in International/InterAmerican studies from the University of Miami, a bachelor’s in political science and a certificate in Latin American Studies from Florida International University. She’s authored two books - Great Masters of Cuban Art (1800-1958), 2009 and Men for Others: The Belen Jesuit Story, 2014.

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