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LGBTQ Services

The City of Coral Gables has designated LGBTQ liaisons to serve as resources and advocates for the LGBTQ community. The purpose of the LGBTQ liaisons is to strengthen the relationship between the

February 18, 2022

Facts Regarding Annexation to Coral Gables

The City of Coral Gables is considering annexation of the Little Gables neighborhood. Annexation is the process by which a city extends its boundaries to include a new area with the aim of providing

August 29, 2023

City Manager

About The City of Coral Gables has a Council/Manager form of government. The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer appointed by the City Commission and carries out the policy direction of the

November 24, 2021

City Hall Lights Form

City Hall Lighting Request Form

October 12, 2022

Antonio Silió

Antonio “Tony” Silió is the City of Coral Gables Ombudsman. In this role he provides one-to-one assistance to residents and small business owners. He has held this position since 2015. Throughout his

May 26, 2022

Alberto N. Parjus

Alberto N. Parjus is the Assistant City Manager for the City of Coral Gables. In this role, he oversees the Community Recreation, Economic Development, Historic and Cultural Resources, Parking, and

April 4, 2022