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Smart City Tech a Big Success at CES 2020

The City of Coral Gables is proud of its Smart City technology and took a serious step in exchanging high tech information with the world’s top innovators and industry leaders. Last week, Coral Gables was the only city in the United States exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. The technologies from this “turn of the decade” – the fourth industrial revolution that will shape the 2020s − were exhibited at this expo.

For the benefit of our residents and stakeholders, City staff hosted an exhibition booth and attended multiple sessions on how to create and continue public/private partnerships for smart city ecosystems, analyzing current challenges and opportunities and absorbing invaluable knowledge on latest tech innovations, such as infrastructure technology, 5G and autonomous vehicles, Downtown smart district, enhancing our innovation hub, among other high level projects.

Information Technology Director Raimundo Rodulfo led the three-person Coral Gables delegation at CES, where more than 170,000 tech savvy participants from 160 countries also attended. “The City’s participation in CES was very successful and productive. We gained tremendous insights on how to advance Coral Gables as a world-class smart city, expanding our new technologies and economic opportunities,” he said. “The Coral Gables community will benefit from this experience as our staff can’t wait to put into practice all the lessons learned.”

The City of Coral Gables exhibition booth provided great exposure and outreach opportunities to meet with distinguished guests from international trade delegations, and academic researchers from various universities. Renowned expert Dr. Sokwoo Rhee from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and head of its global smart cities program, was impressed by the City’s latest smart city technologies and project portfolio and complimented the City’s use of engineering frameworks to improve the quality of life in The City Beautiful. During a session panel, in which he later participated, Dr. Rhee highlighted Coral Gables as a national role model for smart city programs.

Overall, the Coral Gables exhibit and participation was impressive and was tagged on various social media as “the benchmark” and “the hit of the show” for our smart city innovations.

Conference Benefits:

  • At the City’s booth we also received distinguished guests from NIST, UM, national and international trade delegations, other municipalities, academic researchers from various universities, non-profit tech organizations, industry innovators and smart city experts.  The City received kudos from those organizations for its innovative strategies, technologies, smart city initiatives and quality of life improvement metrics. Promotional information from Coral Gables was distributed and visitors showed interest in our City for business, investment, housing, education and relocation.
  • University of Miami researchers Dr. Sara Rushinek and Dr. Avi Rushinek, at a panel presentation with Dr. Rhee, gave kudos to our City for reaching out to the University to collaborate and research. We also discussed with them future smart cities partnerships and current challenges and opportunities, as well as the ongoing initiatives in Coral Gables.
  • City staff attended several sessions and demonstrations from experts across sectors covering smart cities resilience, smart cities public/private partnerships, latest technology innovations in the industry, infrastructure technology, 5G and autonomous vehicles, and other topics.
  • City staff met with representatives from trade delegations from UK, France and Singapore.  We showed them highlights of the City’s unique advantages, economic profile and opportunities, the Downtown smart district, as well as our smart city initiatives and innovation hub.  We provided them with City informational and promotional material and put them in contact with the Economic Development Department, who are following up with them.
  • City staff met with leaders of the Telecommunications Industry to discuss topics such as 5G, cellular service coverage in urban areas, quality and coverage of cellular service in Coral Gables, new wireless technologies, smart cities wireless communications challenges and opportunities, digital inclusion and technology adoption plans for the near future. Staff was invited to join a telecom advisory board to bring the voice of local governments to the national discussion of plans and strategies for wireless communications in cities. City staff also connected with the Global Security Exchange (GSX), to discuss the latest technologies for public safety and physical security.  
  • City staff attended a Connected Mobility executive breakfast event alongside the CES 2020 expo with mobility technology leaders and members of the IOT Consortium (IOTC). We had an insightful and productive conversation with industry leaders, discussing the future of smart cities mobility technologies, autonomous vehicles, IOT, urban robotics, and other relevant topics.  Leaders from major automakers, telecom carriers and Big Tech companies were present. The City’s IT Director had the opportunity to talk about our City’s smart technology initiatives, multi-modal transportation, smart parking, curb management and mobility strategies and challenges.  He gained valuable insight from the industry and their strategic plans for connected mobility and smart cities rollout.
  • City staff met with the director of the Smart City Lab and the FIWARE Foundation. He was very impressed by our smart city engineering framework and the smart city hub public platform.  The City will start a collaboration with him on smart city open source applications. 
  • Dr. Sara Rushinek and Dr. Avi Rushinek from University of Miami visited the City’s booth.  Drs. Sara and Avi are renown researchers in business technology at University of Miami, and great partners and supporters of our smart city initiatives.  We collaborate on smart city initiatives and pilot projects in diverse areas such as business technology, technology education, computational science, business analysis, enterprise systems, innovation strategies, video analytics, AI and augmented reality.  Dr. Sara Rushinek commended our City and our team for our smart city framework and KPIs, and indicated that she looks forward to work with us on a Smart City Demo Lab to pilot new innovations.
  • City staff reviewed inexpensive robotic education board games for children 3-9 and showed them to the City’s Parks and Recreation Department.  
    City staff met with Artificial Intelligence industry innovators that presented at CES impressive products new to the market. We coordinated follow up POC/demos to test developing computer vision AI models at the edge in one of our traffic sensors in Downtown Coral Gables.
  •  City staff met with smart cities public safety & IOT innovators that presented at CES impressive products new to the market. We coordinated follow up POC/demos for our IT team. 
  • City staff coordinated meetings with augmented and virtual reality companies to explore immersive applications for our City.
  • City staff visited the CES booth of several federal agencies: Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and discussed various topics such as cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, AI,  drone training programs and regulations for smart cities.

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