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Our Gables, Our Parks: Majorca Park

Slide and climbing structure at Majorca Park       Play structures at Majorca Park

Another recent addition to the City’s park inventory is Majorca Park, located at 937 Majorca Avenue in a well-traveled corner just north of the Coral Gables Country Club and adjacent to two of the City’s historic entrances. The enclosed 0.33-acre park has a large playground area for children with a fun slide and a tree house climbing structure. A winding pathway takes visitors through garden gates, benches for relaxation, boulders made of oolite limestone, and around a large grass area for play. A focal point of this park is a native Ficus aurea tree that will provide canopy over the sitting area. The park is surrounded by several species of colorful flowering shrubs that butterflies love to visit such as Brazilian cloak, thyrallis, white Geiger, stoppers, locust berry, wax jasmine, ruellia and pentas. 

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