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World’s First Digital Playground to Launch Its U.S. Debut in Coral Gables

Get ready to play U.S.’s first digital fantasyland at the War Memorial Youth Center athletic field. While playgrounds remain closed by County order, the City has taken on the challenge of providing outdoor play through innovative technology by partnering with the Magical Park App which will provide Coral Gables with its very first digital playground using Geospatial Augmented Reality. 

The first to launch in the U.S., the Magical Park will be unveiled Oct. 1 and run through the end of the year. Using smartphones or tablets, children can play captivating and geofenced motion games, that will keep them in a safe virtual boundary within the Youth Center athletic field. To play children must run around the field and move in real life to catch kittens away from the bad fairy or keep parks clean by recycling and rescuing trees. The Magical Park app is available on the Coral Gables app for free and can also be found on the App Store or Google Play. 

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