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General Information
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Emergencies: Dial 911
2800 S.W. 72nd Avenue


What is Garbage?

Garbage includes materials such as food scraps, food packaging, and other typical household waste that usually comes from the restroom and kitchen. No construction debris, paints or household chemicals are allowed.

Garbage Guidelines:

  • Make sure all garbage is secured in plastic bags.
  • If disposing of glass, needles, and sharp objects- ensure they are secured safely.
  • Do not place containers past the front wall of your home to avoid code violations.
  • Limit the weight of garbage bags to under 50 lbs.

Have questions about your garbage pickup? See below for common questions:

What day will my garbage be picked up?
  • Residents can enter their address here to find out about their respective collection days.

My garbage was not picked up, who do I call and what can I do?
  • To report a missed pickup, please create a service request here or call the Solid Waste Division at (305) 460-5346.

Where do I place my bins?

  • For your convenience, the City provides side-door service for household garbage and recycling. This means you simply leave your bins at the side of your house. Please do not place your bins on your swale or driveway, as this is a code violation.

What do I do if I have a gate code or lock on my side door?
  • To complete a pickup, access needs to be provided for our Solid Waste workers. This means, on the day of pickup, please leave your side door unlocked or accessible.

I am having construction done on my home, how can I dispose of construction material?
  • The City does not pick up or dispose of construction materials such as sand, concrete, soil, roofing material, or other construction debris. Please contact one of the licensed roll off companies.

Does the City provide a garbage bin or can to residents?
  • No, it is the resident’s responsibility to purchase up to two 32-gallon containers.