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Recycling Drive-Thru Events

2021 Recycling Drive-Thru Event Dates 

Saturday November 6, 2021: 9 a.m.-12 p.m. (City Hall Parking: 405 Biltmore Way)

Please note: Times and dates are subject to change

Recycle Your Old Electronics and Large Cardboard boxes, Dispose of your Household Hazardous Waste, Shred Your Sensitive Documents, and Donate your "Lightly/Gently Used" Clothing 

Coral Gables Nov 6th Recycling Drive-Thru Event

Coral Gables Recycling Drive-Thru Event Site Map  [PDF]

During the City's bi-annual Recycling Drive-Thru Events, please stop by the City Hall Parking Lot at 405 Biltmore Way from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to recycle your old electronics, dispose of household hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly manner, shred any sensitive documents safely and securely onsite, and donate your light used clothing. Any electronic item that has a plug or takes batteries is eligible to be recycled. Coral Gables residents can drop off their household hazardous waste (ex: paint cans, pool chemicals, compact fluorescent light bulbs, cleaners, oils, batteries, and household pesticides). Items such as medical waste, ammunition and tires WILL NOT be accepted at this event. Please note that due to the expected volume, attendees are limited to shredding up to 5 standard sized office boxes (15"X12"X10") per vehicle. This is to allow all participants an opportunity to shred their sensitive documents. Residents are also encouraged to bring any large boxes or pieces of cardboard to the event and the City will ensure they get recycled properly. In addition, and new to the event this November, you can drop off your "lightly/gently used" clothing (men's, women's and children's) which will be donated to Camillus House. The process is quick and easy. All you have to do is pull up in your vehicle and staff will be on hand to help unload your items. Please be prepared to show proof of Coral Gables residency. As a result of the collection events over the last 6 years, the city has been able to collect and divert 290,000 pounds of electronic waste, household hazardous waste and paper from entering the landfills. The Recycling Drive-Thru collection events are organized through Keep Coral Gables Beautiful and in partnership with the Coral Gables Sustainability Advisory Board and the City of Coral Gables Police and Public Works Departments. For more information on the event please call 305-460-5008.

Please note: Items will not be accepted before 9 a.m. or after 12 p.m. the day of the event. 

Just a few reminders for the event: 

  • All participants must enter the event through the Coral Way entrance to the City Hall Parking Lot.
  • The event will open promptly at 9 a.m. and close at 12 p.m. We will not be able to accept any items before 9 a.m. or after 12 p.m. 
  • Please be prepared to show your ID.
  • For clothing please bring:
    • Gently/lightly used clothing (no undergarments) 
    • accepting men's, women's, and kid's clothing including: suits, ties, shoes, socks, etc.
  • For electronics, anything with a plug or that takes batteries will be accepted.
  • Household Hazardous Waste items that will not be accepted include medical waste (you can take any expired or unwanted prescription drugs to our drop-off location on the first floor of the police station located at 2151 Salzedo Street, fire extinguishers, ammunition, tires, etc. Other additional unacceptable items are listed below. 
  • For paper shredding, a maximum of 5 standard sized boxes per vehicle will be accepted to ensure all attendees have an opportunity to participate. 
  • Attendees are encouraged to bring any large cardboard boxes to the event to be recycled.
  • Styrofoam is not being accepted at the HHW Collection Events. Please dispose of Styrofoam in your regular household garbage

Common unacceptable materials may include: 

  1. Biological/Infectious Waste (i.e., sharps)
  2. Radioactive Materials
  3. Styrofoam
  4. Unknowns
  5. Tires
  6. Appliances
  7. Non-Propane Cylinders
  8. Smoke Detectors
  9. Fireworks/Explosives/Ammunition
  10. Reactive Materials Requiring Stabilization
  11. DEA Regulated Substances

Do You Have Items that You Need to Dispose in Between the Hazardous Waste Collection Events in April and November?

For household hazardous waste items (unbroken CFL light bulbs, paint cans, pesticides, pool chemicals, etc.) residents are encouraged to take items to the  Miami-Dade County Home Chemical Collection Centers  at the following addresses:

  • West-Dade: 8831 NW 58th Street
  • South-Dade: 23707 SW 97th Ave

The hours of operations for both locations are Wednesday-Sunday from 9am-5pm. 

Please note: The City recommends calling before going to ensure the collection centers are open and are currently collecting hazardous waste. The main number to the Miami-Dade Solid Waste Department is 305-514-6666

November 2020 Coral Gables HHW Collection Event

Coral Gables Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event Made a Splash  

Through rain and sunshine, the Nov. 14 Household Hazardous Waste event was a huge success! Thank you to the over 600 cars and 1,200 attendees who drove through the event and safely disposed of old electronics, household hazardous waste, and shredding of sensitive documents. As a result of the events over the last five years, the City has diverted over 217,000 pounds of electronic and hazardous waste along with over 41,000 pounds of paper from entering the landfill or potentially the environment. We look forward to seeing everyone at our 2021 HHW Collection event dates in April and November.

In addition to the community electronic recycling events, the City's IT Department has recycled over 28,500 pounds of electronic waste since 2016.

For more information on upcoming events or to read about the City’s sustainability efforts, please visit or call 305-460-5008.