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The Community Recreation Department oversees the Parks and Recreation, Adult Services, Youth Center and Playgrounds, Tennis Centers, Venetian Pool, Golf Course and Parks Maintenance, Granada Golf Course, and Special Events Divisions. The Department provides a broad range of recreational opportunities for all ages.
Anderson, Katherine - Adult Activity Center Supervisor
Centurion, Arturo - Recreation Specialist
Couceyro, Fred - Parks & Recreation Director
Espino, Sarah - Administrative Assistant
Gavarrete, Norma-Milena - Special Projects Coordinator
Gilman, Daren - Assistant Aquatics Supervisor
Gomez, Robert - Professional Tennis Operations Supervisor
Gonzalez, Kevin - Tennis Operations Assistant Supervisor
Groome, Thomas - Foreman
Guerrero, Manuel - Adult Activities Assistant Supervisor
Hall, Troy - Golf Course & Parks Superintendent
Hannah, Ana - Assistant Aquatics Supervisor
Kofkin, Ericka - Special Populations Coordinator
Larkin, Kenneth - Golf Course & Parks Maintenance Assistant Superintendent
Pichardo, Carlos - Youth Center Supervisor
Rodriguez, Yanessa - Youth Center Assistant Supervisor
Rodriguez, Fabio - Marketing Specialist
Vester, Carolina - Assistant Director
Vilar, Jose - Aquatics Supervisor
Zuriarrian, Mitchell - Administrative Operations Supervisor
Rocha, Michael - Multimedia Production Manager

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