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Business Workshops

Empowering businesses with the tools and skills needed to expand, diversify and thrive. 

BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP  Click here for the video.
In this workshop, in partnership with the City's Information Technology Department, businesses were given advice and steps from leading experts on to develop and strengthen their eCommerce presence.

COVID - SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW UP FORUM  Click here for the video.
On July 10th, the City of Coral Gables hosted a special webinar for businesses on how to advertise on social media. Watch the webinar below to see a step by step process on how to use social media advertising dollars during the pandemic to drive online traffic to your business. 

COVID - BUSINESS RECOVERY WEBINAR #2   Click here for the video.
The second Business Recovery Webinar focused on how to place ads on Instagram and Facebook. You will also find tips and tools for understanding merchandising with a focus on marketing. Coral Gables announced a special Social Media Micro Grant opportunity for Coral Gables restaurants, retailers and cultural organizations for social media promotion.
Click here for the grant application.


COVID - BUSINESS RECOVERY WEBINAR #1  Click here for the video.
The first of the Business Recovery Webinars focused on helping businesses navigate through the COVID pandemic and into the new normal. The panel of a retailer, restaurateur and marketing expert discussed the challenges, opportunities and ways that they have been able to keep up their operations during the crisis.