Expanded Polystyrene

What is Expanded Polystyrene and Why is the City Prohibiting the Use of It?

Expanded polystyrene, most commonly known as Styrofoam, is a petroleum by-product that is neither readily recyclable nor biodegradable and takes hundreds to thousands of years to degrade in the environment. Products that are made from expanded polystyrene can include, but are not limited to, plates, bowls, cups, containers lids, trays, coolers, ice chests, food containers, etc. It can fragment into smaller pieces that can be ingested by marine life and other wildlife, thus harming and killing them and constitutes a portion of the litter in the City’s streets, parks, public places, and waterways.

The City Commission of the City of Coral Gables declares that it is in the best interest of the public health, safety, and welfare of its residents and visitors to reduce litter and pollutants on the land and in the waters of the City. The goal of the ordinance is promote replacing expanded polystyrene items with reusable, recyclable, or compostable alternatives whenever possible thus helping remove it from the waste stream. To help lead by example, the City has ceased purchasing products that are made of expanded polystyrene.

Signed Coral Gables Expanded Polystyrene Ordinance 2016-08  (PDF)

Who Does the Prohibition Apply To?

  • City Vendors or Contractors in City Facilities, which include but is not limited to, any building, structure, park, or golf course owned, operated or managed by the City
  • Special Event Permittees and their subcontractors which include any person or entity issued a special events permit by the City for a special event on City property, in a City facility or in the City’s right-of-way.
  • Food service providers and stores located within the City which includes a person or entity that provides food directly to the consumer, regardless of whether such food is provided free of charge or sold, or whether consumption occurs on or off premises, or whether the food is provided from a pushcart, stand or vehicle. Food service providers and stores shall not sell, use, offer for sale or use, or provide food in expanded polystyrene food service articles. Food service providers shall include, but are not limited to, chain food service providers, restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafes, sidewalk cafes, delicatessens, coffee shops, grocery stores, markets, supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies, bakeries, caterers, gas stations, vending trucks or carts and cafeterias.


  • Expanded polystyrene food service articles used for prepackaged food that have been filled and sealed prior to receipt by the food service provider or store;
  • Expanded polystyrene food service articles used to store raw meat, pork, fish, seafood or poultry sold from a butcher case or similar refrigerated retailed display or storage case,
  • Not-for-profit corporations, the school district, and county, state and federal governmental entities.

When is the Prohibition Being Implemented?

On January 1, 2017 , Code Enforcement began issuing tickets for violations of the Ordinance. The City provided a one year phase out/educational period for food service providers and stores to transition away from expanded polystyrene to the sustainable alternatives.

How is the Prohibition Being Enforced?

After January 1, 2017, if a code enforcement officer finds a violation of section 34-188, the code enforcement officer shall issue a ticket.

A violator who has been issued a ticket must elect to either

(1) Pay the following civil fine:

(a) First violation within a 12-month period........................$50.00

(b) Second violation within a 12-month period...................$100.00

(c) Third violation within a 12-month period......................$500.00; or

(d) Any subsequent violation within a 12-month period.....$1,000.00

(2) Request an administrative hearing before a special master as set forth in Art. VI, Division 3 of the City Code of Ordinances.

Financial Hardship Waiver

Any food service provider or store that reported an annual gross income (revenue) under $500,000 per location on its income tax filing for the most recent tax year, and that is not a chain food service provider or chain store, may request form the City Commission, a financial hardship waiver of the requirements of this article. The financial hardship waiver request may apply to one or more expanded polystyrene food service articles sold, used or offered for sale or use by any such food service provider or store. The City Commission may grant a waiver if the food service provider or store proves the following:

(a) there is no comparable alternative product not composed of expanded polystyrene that would cost the same as or less than the expanded polystyrene food service article, and
(b) the purchase or use of an alternative product not composed of expanded polystyrene would create and undue financial hardship.

Such Financial Hardship Waver Certified Claim Form shall be valid for twelve (12) months and may be renewable upon application to the City Commission.

Financial Hardship Waver Certified Claim Form (PDF)

Signed Coral Gables Expanded Polystyrene Ordinance 2016-08  (PDF)

Expanded Polystyrene Fact Sheet.jpg Expanded Polystyrene Ordinance Fact Sheet (Spanish).jpg Financial Hardship Waiver Claim Form.jpg
Styrofoam - Expanded Polystyrene Prohibition - English Styrofoam - Expanded Polystyrene Prohibition - Spanish Financial Hardship Waver Certified Claim Form

Alternatives to Expanded Polystyrene (Styrofoam) to Consider

  1. Items that are Certified Compostable
  2. Items that are accepted in the single stream recycling process (Plastics #1-#5 and #7, Paper, etc.)
  3. Items that are reusable such as the traditional bowls, cups, and plates that are made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel.

Additional Resources

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If you have any additional questions on the expanded polystyrene ordinance please call Matt Anderson at 305-460-5008 or email manderson@coralgables.com