Garbage and Trash Collection

The City of Coral Gables values your feedback. Please take our survey on the City’s garbage, recycling, and trash services. This survey gives you an opportunity to share your opinion about the current services and rates, which will help the City develop programs to better meet your needs and ensure long-term financial sustainability.

Upcoming Comprehensive Sanitation Plan Workshops

The City of Coral Gables invites all residents to the upcoming Comprehensive Sanitation Plan Workshops taking place on Thursday, November 15 at 6 p.m. at the War Memorial Youth Center (405 University Drive) and Saturday, November 17 at 11 a.m. in the City Hall Courtyard (405 Biltmore Way). 

The City is seeking resident input on improving our current residential backyard collection services for household garbage and recycling, our bulk trash pile service, and “white goods” (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) collection service.  Please note that we are not proposing to eliminate the current backyard collection services.

The City values your input and wants to hear your thoughts on the current service and areas in which we can improve. For more information on the workshops, please call 305-460-5000.

Sanitation Community Workshop Display Boards (PDF)

Household Garbage Collection Instructions

  • Do Not place household garbage out until 6:00 p.m. the night before your collection day;
  • Make sure all garbage is secured in plastic bags, preferably in garbage bins;
  • Garbage bins/bagged garbage MUST be accessible and visible from the street;
  • Per FEMA Rules, Household Garbage Must Be Kept Separate from Tree Debris and other Vegetative Material. Failure to separate materials will result in delayed service or no pickup.

Trash & Garbage Pickup Facts and Procedures:

Instructions to Report a Missed Single Family Home Pickup

If you have a missed pick up, for quickest response, we recommend you use the Coral Gables Mobile Application or report online . If you do not have access to a computer, you may call (305) 460-5346.

For Waste Management Customers

It is essential that storm debris is placed out separately from regular garbage. That gives Waste Management access to collect the regular garbage, and it gives the City's debris removal contractor access to the storm related debris.

Waste Collection for Single Family Homes

The collection, disposal and recycling of trash for all single-family and duplex properties is handled by the Public Works Department, Sanitation Division of the city of Coral Gables. You may call 305-460-5346 for any questions related to Single Family homes, such as collection times, missed pick-up concerns, special pick up scheduling or how to get trash pits filled.

How to Set Up a New Waste Account for a Single Family Home

To set up a new waste account please contact the Finance Department at 305-460-5301.

Waste Collection for Commercial and Multi-Family Properties, Including Duplexes

The collection, disposal and recycling of trash for commercial, and multi-family properties, including duplexes is provided by Waste Management of Dade County. You can reach Waste Management at 305-471-4444 for specific information regarding services to Commercial properties, apartments and condominiums.

Hurricane Debris Removal Instructions

Hurricane debris removal is coordinated through FEMA. Residents are encouraged to place out storm-related debris from their properties, using existing hurricane debris piles if possible. Do not include broken furniture, discards or household refuse in vegetation piles, as this will impede the debris removal and processing operation. Failure to follow these FEMA requirements will result in delayed or no-pickup. Please call 305-460-5346 or 305-460-5000 if questions.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with your Household Hazardous Waste?

For household hazardous waste items (unbroken CFL light bulbs, paint cans, pesticides, pool chemicals, etc.) residents are encouraged to take them to the Miami-Dade County Home Chemical Collection Centers at the following addresses:

  • West-Dade: 8831 NW 58th Street
  • South-Dade: 23707 SW 97th Ave

Will the City fill up the hole on the swale area that is left by trash removal operations?

Yes please call (305) 460-5346 for more information

When may I place my recycling bin and garbage cans out on the edge of the street for collection?

The City of Coral Gables provides backyard/side yard collection service of garbage and recycling. Garbage cans and recycling bins cannot be placed at the edge of the street at any time. According to City Code, “Containers shall be kept at a point upon the premises of the owner or occupant immediately adjacent to either side of the residence, behind the front building elevation. Containers shall be screened from view from any street.” 

How do I dispose of used tires?

Do not dispose of used tires in your garbage can or on the swale. Please call (305) 460-5346 to schedule a pick-up of up to four tires. You can also take tires and other items to the Miami-Dade Home Collection Centers. 

How do I dispose of appliances and old furniture?

Appliance and old furniture collection is provided by appointment. Do not place appliances or old furniture out until you have contacted the Sanitation Division. Please call (305) 460-5346 to schedule a pick up. There is a $50 fee for appliances; special collection fees for furniture may apply.

Does the City offer two free pickups of trash each year?

No, the City of Coral Gables provides weekly collection of up to one cubic yard (about the size of a dishwasher) of yard waste and household items. An excess waste removal fee of $10/cubic yard applies to larger trash piles in excess of one cubic yard.

Can I put cardboard boxes or other household items on my trash pile at anytime during the week?

No, those items may only be placed out after 6:00 PM the night before your scheduled trash collection day. Residents are strongly encouraged to recycle all cardboard boxes, and place other household items in the garbage can. The trash pile should consist solely of yard waste.

What are the proper recycling procedures?

To view the City's recycling collection procedures, pick up schedule. and to see a list of items that can and cannot be recycled please visit the City's Recycling Webpage

Where can I dispose of other common household items?

You can visit Earth911 for a list of retailers that may accept other common household items.