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Traffic Calming Toolbox

Bulb-out / Curb Extension:An extension of a curb in the form of a bulb, usually at an intersection, that narrows the vehicular pathway and inhibits fast turns, and shortens the crossing distance for pedestrians.


Choker: A narrowing of the fixed street, often mid-block and sometimes near an intersection. Might be done with curb extensions, landscaping or islands in the street.


Neighborhood Traffic Circle: A small circular island, usually less than 26 ft in diameter, used in the middle of intersections and intended to force vehicular traffic to slow and negotiate around it. When used in residential areas, they can be landscaped for aesthetic or barrier purposes and may have mountable curbs to facilitate movement of emergency vehicles.


Raised Crosswalk: A traditional pedestrian crossing area purposely raised above the normal pavement surface level in order to give motorist and pedestrians a better view of the crossing area.


Raised Intersection: The entire area of the intersecting streets is purposely raised above normal pavement surface level in order to reduce vehicle speed through the intersection and provide a better view of pedestrians and motorists in the intersection.


Speed Humps: Similar to speed bumps, but utilize larger vertical radii that result in wider widths and a gentler crossing by vehicles.


Speed Cushions: Like speed humps but with wheel cut outs to allow for unimpeded emergency vehicle access.


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