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Sanitary Sewer

Please note: If you are having issues with your sewer system on your private property please first call a licensed plumbing professional. 

Coral Gables Sanitary Sewer System

Coral Gables sanitary sewer system consists of underground pipes that carry sewage from kitchens, sinks, bathroom, and other plumbing components to a wastewater treatment plant. There the waste is filtered, treated, and discharged. In Coral Gables, our sanitary sewer system carries our wastewater away from Coral Gables and connects to the Miami Dade County sanitary sewer system and ends up at the Virginia Key Wastewater Treatment Plant, where the County oversees its treatment. The City owns, operates and maintains the sanitary sewer system components within our City limits.

Coral Gables Sanitary Sewer System Statistics

  • Approx. 64 miles of gravity mains in a range 8-21 inch.
  • Approx. 1,400 manholes.
  • 35 Pump stations/ basins.
  • Approx. 14 miles of force mains in range 4-36 inch.
  • 50% population served by Sewer System.
  • Discharge into Miami-Dade Water and Sewer System for treatment.
  • Volume Sewer Customer.

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