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Cocoplum Area Infrastructure Improvements

For your information, the Public Works (PW) Department is currently working on the following projects within the Cocoplum community. The City cordially invites you to learn more about these improvements, welcomes your feedback, and looks forward to answering your questions.  

Please send us any question or concern via e-mail at  or at (305)460 5000 and we will be posting any Question and Answers. 

Cocoplum 1 Pump Station & Force Main

Project-Community-Meeting-Cocoplum-Information [PDF]- Updated 3/24/2020

Cocoplum Projects Staging Area [PDF] -Updated 4/29/2020

Cocoplum-March-2020 [PDF]

  • Consultant: Hazen
  • Contractor: David Mancini & Sons

Scope of Work / Limits:

The Work of the Contract comprises the upgrade of an existing pump station, Pump Station Cocoplum 1 located at 157 Isla Dorada Boulevard, including, but not necessarily limited to demolition of existing facilities, removal and replacement of existing wet well, installation of precast valve boxes, construction of an elevated generator/ electrical platform, gravity main installation, sheeting and shoring, pumping units/discharge piping; electrical and instrumentation, including a standby generator, landscaping, and site restoration. The Work of the Contract also comprises the installation of approximately 3,040 linear feet of 12-inch PVC C900 force main, including but not limited to all pipe, fittings, valves and appurtenances necessary for this new segment of force main which runs westward and north from Pump Station Cocoplum 1 along Cocoplum Road and ties into an existing 12-inch DIP force main at the traffic circle at the intersection of Old Cutler Road and Cocoplum Road. As part of the installation, one aerial canal crossing will be required. Restoration activities include the installation of sidewalk along Isla Dorada Blvd. and well as a bike path along Cocoplum Road. 

Project Status: Completed 

Pump Station D

PS-D-and-Coco-3-Presentation-March-2020 [PDF]

  • Consultant: 300 Engineering 

Scope of work / Limits:

Pump Station D is located at 7557 Los Pinos Blvd. The project involves the upgrades of the pump station into a more compact submersible configuration, which includes installation of a new wet-well, valve vault, control panel, pumps and associated pipeline. The existing pump station building will be demolished, and the site will be restored with grassed areas. The control panel will be elevated to comply with base flood elevation and sea level rise criteria and a new perimetral hedge will be installed to protect the site. Modifications to the sanitary sewer pipeline coming to the station will be necessary to direct the flow to the new wet well. Additionally, the City will pursue an Envision award for this project.

Project Status and Schedule: 

  • Design 100% completed. No additional questions/comments received by 04/03/2020
  • The project is estimated to be completed by the end of December 2021.
  • Permitting, Procurement and Construction are estimated to last 12 months, as follows: 
    • Permitting: In progress, 90%, permitting phase is estimated to be completed by February, 2021. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, delay may be expected during permitting process in other agencies.
    • Procurement: 3 months (March – May, 2021)
    • Construction: 6 months (June  – December 2021)

Cocoplum 3 Pump Station & Force Main

  • Consultant: 300 Engineering 

Scope of work / Limits: 

Pump Station Cocoplum 3 is located at 200 Galeon Ct. The project involves the replacement of the existing pumps, control panel and extending the discharge force main to connect it to the new discharge force main from Pump Station Cocoplum 1, which will run along Cocoplum Rd. The discharge force main from Pump Station Cocoplum 3 will be extended along Prado Blvd, from West of the canal crossing to the intersection with Cocoplum Rd, approximately 200 feet. This modification will eliminate re-pumping of the flows generated at the Cocoplum 3 basin, as they will be pumped directly into the City’s manifolded system.

Project Status and Schedule: 

The project is currently at 60% design. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of December 2021. 

Design, Permitting, Procurement and Construction are estimated to last 12 months, as follows:

  • Design: In progress, 60%. The design phase is estimated to be completed by the end of February, 2021.
  • Permitting: 3 months (March – September, 2021)
  • Procurement: 3 months (March – May, 2021)
  • Construction: 6 months (June – December, 2021)