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Protected Bicycle Facility Demonstration Project

This winter we will be constructing temporary separated bicycle facilities on Salzedo Street and University Drive.  These temporary facilities will be protected from motorized traffic by 500 pound decorative concrete planters full of beautiful vegetation.  This demonstration project will give people the opportunity to feel what it is like to ride a bike in a protected atmosphere and will beautify the area.  The City is striving to create the highest quality bike network for all ages and abilities. It will be safe, functional and beautiful.

protected bike lane

Gables Greenways

Notice to Proceed was given to Toole Design Group this Fall to design the backbone of the Coral Gables Bicycle Network.

Primary objectives of this project are:

  • Provide ample opportunities for stakeholder input

  • Provide people of all ages and abilities with the safest alternative to personal motorized automobiles for commuting

  • Provide recreational opportunities

  • Deliver innovative, beautiful and functional design that will set the bar for bicycle infrastructure

Public Meetings were conducted in Fall 2017 but Community Engagement continues! Email us at biking@coralgables.com

For more information visit the project website at www.GablesGreenways.com

Sevilla Bike Lanes

Extra wide travel lanes were reduced to ten feet and five foot buffered bike lanes run from Red Road to Anastasia Avenue.

Anastasia Avenue Sharrows

Sharrows connect to the bike lanes on Sevilla Avenue to Segovia Street.

Sharrow Diagram


What is a "sharrow"?
Sharrow is short for "shared lane bicycle marking". This pavement marking indicates that bicyclists are permitted to use the marked lane.

What do these sharrow markings mean for motorists?
Sharrow markings are used to alert motorists in the area that a bicyclist may occupy the ENTIRE lane. Sharrow markings also remind motorists to share the road with bicyclists. This includes:

  • Drive your vehicle predictably
  • Follow the rules of the road
  • Watch for bicyclists when making lane changes and turns
  • When parked, check for bicyclists before opening your door
  • Be respectful of both bicyclists and pedestrians

What do these sharrow markings mean for bicyclists?
Sharrow markings indicate to bicyclists where they are able to ride on a shared roadway. They also remind bicyclists to share the road with motorists. This includes:

  • Ride your bicycle predictably
  • Follow the rules of the road
  • Watch for motorists when making lane changes and turns
  • Ride in the correct direction of travel at all times

Additional Note:
Motorists should always be prepared to share the road, even when there are no sharrow markings or dedicated bike lanes on the road.

Source: Ohio State University